V-GO Hotel in Fethiye

So as I mentioned in my previous blog I decided to take my family on a 4 day Gulet Cruise from Fethiye to Olympos with V-GO Yachting Company. On arriving to the Yatching Company’s Hotel, appropriately named the V-GO Hotel, at around 3pm we left our luggage and headed off to see Fethiye before we […]

V-GO Yachting Trip – Fethiye

I got Married to Aynur last August and as we didn’t have the funds to go on a Honeymoon we have not had a holiday together so I thought it was about time I took her on a vacation, if only for a few days. My son moved in with us about a month after […]

Witch House Cafe Fun

So as I mentioned in the Flamenco Dancer in Witch House Cafe blog, I was invited back to meet the owner Orhan about my E-Video Agency. However, I talked to a staff member Sinan on facebook and asked if it was possible for me to do a comedy gig at the Witch House as the […]

Flamenco Dancer at Witch House Cafe

Aynur and I attended an Occupation Fancy Dress Party at King Bar on Saturday night where she had hired a Flamenco Dancer’s costume and she had rehearsed some dance moves so she could strut her stuff in the bar but although we had asked for some Flamenco music to be played that never materialised so […]

Oversimplifying the Common Expat

I was out last Friday night with Brian and he mentioned to me that he was doing a spot of writing these days and asked if he could publish something on my site. I am glad I liked what he sent me. 🙂 “Oversimplifying the Common Expat” by Brian McPhee (DISCLAIMER: Written before reading “Adjusting […]

Public Speaking Toastmasters

A guy called Adel had sent me a message on facebook asking me along to join the Antalya International Gathering group for a Public Speaking Event at bar called Coffee Soul. They also advertise as part of the Antalya Couchsurfers group and I am not quite sure what the difference is to be honest. He […]

Flying Dog – 20/11/15

I had already been to see Flying Dog at Simurg Temple a couple of weeks previously but I had a killer headache and couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked, so I went back with my wife with the intention of letting loose a bit more than before. It turns out there […]