Oversimplifying the Common Expat

I was out last Friday night with Brian and he mentioned to me that he was doing a spot of writing these days and asked if he could publish something on my site. I am glad I liked what he sent me. “Oversimplifying the Common Expat” by Brian McPhee (DISCLAIMER: Written before reading “Adjusting to […]

Marmaris Adventure – Week One

I decided to go to on a Marmaris adventure for the Summer as I have read so much about it on facebook and wanted to see it for myself and also because many British holidaymakers go there so I wanted to see if I could find a place to perform comedy regularly. I booked into […]

Bowling and Pool Night

I hadn’t had a pool night with Alper and Alison for a while so I called them up to arrange one. Alper invited his friend Volkan again as he wanted to get revenge from the last time we played. Before the game kicked off Volkan wanted to make sure everybody knew the rules and he […]

Parks, Boats and Fairgrounds

Here is a round of a few things I have been up to this past couple of weeks. There is a school near my apartment and they had been blasting music all day because it was the end of the school year and the children were performing some shows. When I was taking Aynur to […]

King Bar Night Out – 23/5/15

It was Saturday night so I popped into town to see if anyone was around for a beer or two. As I got off the bus in the centre of town there was a concert going on at Cumhuriyet Mehdanı but although the place was packed it wasn’t really my cup of tea so I […]

Antalya Sandland 2015

Antalya Sandland 2015 has just recently opened it’s doors so once again I took my son along to check it out. In the past they have had different themes such as Hollywood Movies and Empires but this years theme is The Seven Wonders of the World and Mythology. Next year’s Expo will take place in […]

Walk to Sandland 2015

It was time to pay my annual visit to Sandland in Lara, although technically speaking I did miss last years one as I was only in the country for 2 weeks when it was on and didn’t make it there. My son and I got the No 6 bus which as far as I am […]

Antalya Scenes May 2015

As I walk around Antalya with my trusty camera in hand I keep an eye out for anything of interest so when I passed this Eskimo holding an Air Conditioning Unit obviously I had to get my picture with it. The idea was so that I could insert some kind of witty comment in the […]

Wet Wedding Photos and Antalyaspor

I haven’t been out and about too much recently due to recovering from my motorcycle accident but when I have ventured out I have had my trusty camera with me. I was cycling along Konyaalti Beach yesterday when I saw a couple getting their photo taken in the Sea with their Wedding Outfits on. Here […]

Antalya Vip Events Pre-Opening

Antalya Vip Events were due to have their opening night the following Friday so I asked if it would be ok to host a quiz this Friday. They then decided to throw a pre-opening night party to test the waters out for the big one and asked me to be their DJ and I was […]