Surprise Birthday Party and Quiz

My good friend and regular singer at King Bar Karaoke Eda, had organised a surprise 40th birthday party for her boyfriend Göksay, who also comes along to the Karaoke and blows everyone else out the water, what with him being a professional Opera singer. I was due to host the quiz last night but I […]

Pool and Games Night – 11/3/15

We hadn’t had a Pool night for a while so I arranged to play Dakota and Alper. Alison came along to support her man, not expecting him to win of course, just going by his track record alone. It also, gave me an excuse to get a Learning Turkish book back from Alper which he […]

Rock Heart in Khoffner Bar

So I had seen my friend Rusty James perform at Khoffner Bar a couple of weeks before but I didn’t have enough money for more than one beer so I left early. I learned that the duo he performs in, Rock Heart play there every Sunday and Monday so I promised him I’d be back. […]

Antalya King Bar Restaurant

So as I talked about in the Antalya Harbour and International Women’s Day Blogs, the reason I came to Antalya this day was to collect my phone charger which I had left in the Bar after this weeks quiz. I arrived at the Bar at about 4.15pm and at 6pm some workers started to turn […]

Antalya Harbour Scene

After taking some photos of the International Women’s Day celebrations I went back to King Bar to get my charger. Here’s the view from the elevator that leads down to King Bar. As there was still no-one there I took a walk around the harbour. Of course it has been photographed many times but I […]

Antalya International Woman’s Day

I had left my mobile charger in King Bar on Friday Night, so on Sunday afternoon I went into town to collect it but the Bar hadn’t opened by 4pm. I should have checked that before leaving the house obviously. Before taking the elevator down to King Bar I had noticed that there was some […]

Antalya Local Cafe with Aynur

Just round the corner from where I live is a small local cafe. Despite the fact that I have passed it hundreds of times I thought it was just a Ciğ Kofte place but Aynur pointed out they sold other things too. We paid a visit one night and although the menu doesn’t have a […]

King Bar Quiz and Karaoke- 6/3/15

Despite the fact that I had come down with quite a heavy bout of the cold on Wednesday I went ahead and done the quiz anyway. By the time Friday afternoon had come I thought I was over the worst of it anyway and so I didn’t bother cancelling it. As it turned out on […]

Antalya Fruit and Vegetable Market

On a Friday the Fruit and Vegetable Market comes to my part of town and so I went with Aynur to buy some healthy food…for a change. This is my favourite stall at the market, lots of dried fruit and nuts with Figs and Cashews top of the list. Here is Aynur testing out the […]

King Bar Quiz – 27/2/15

It had been raining all week and I had put off announcing the quiz as I know it puts people off coming out. However on Friday morning Clare asked me if I was doing it and the weather seemed ok, so I created the event and announced it on facebook. The quiz was due to […]