Banu and Rob’s Leaving Party

Rob is from Canada and he got together with Banu when she was living in Bodrum. They moved to Antalya and made themselves an intergral part of the expat community here by organising a few nights out and then setting up and running the Antalya Expat Social Group on facebook. The highlights of their organisation […]

Getting to know Aynur

After our trip to Olympos, I realised that Aynur is a very sweet girl and great fun to be with and so as she was still on holiday for a week and a half, we spent some time getting to know each other better. I hadn’t been in a relationship for over a year and […]

Olympos with Aynur

So as I mentioned in the Nightswimming blog, Aynur had invited me to Olympos but I wasn’t sure if I could go due to financial restraints. However, after spending all night on the beach nearly freezing to death with her I decided it would be nice to go and get to know each other better […]

Going Gaga With Ebru

I hadn’t seen Ebru since a night out I had with her just before I left Antalya last October. She was one of my best friends here and so I was really looking forward to seeing her again but it took a few weeks before she could was free as she was waiting for the […]

Nightswimming with Aynur

I had met Aynur at a few Expats events in the past including my open mic nights, halloween parties and a trip I went on to Karain Caves which she organised. On that particular trip was the only time I really had much of a chance to talk to her apart from when I shared […]

Susie Afternoon Session

So, I hadn’t visited Susie in a while so I took a trip on my bike to the village where she lives. We had got a few supplies in to help us pass the afternoon and were 3 or 4 beers into them when she got a call from her Landlord, my good friend Pat. […]

Road House

I have mentioned in a couple of previous blogs that a new bar called Road House had opened in Kaleici in the year I had been away. I felt it was my duty to visit the place a few times and in doing so I got friendly with a few of the regulars there. This […]

Big Pool Night

Sevinç had organised a Pool Competition at the local Tenpin Bowling place and so I decided to pop along to partake in one of my favourite pastimes. It was certainly an international event with no less than 6 countries represented in this photo alone, although I can’t remember them all right now they include Scotland, […]