Duman Live

My good friend Sevinç invited me along to see one of her favourite Turkish bands, Duman, who were playing at Konyaatli Ampitheatre. They were formed in 1997 and have Kaan Tangöze on Vocals and guitar, Ari Barokas on bass guitar and backing vocals, Batuhan Mutlugil on lead guitar and backing vocals and Cengiz Baysal on […]

Back to Perge

I decided to take my son to Perge.  We travelled there on my Moped which took about an hour from Konyaalti. They have had to put up some scaffolding around one of the main towers since my last visit. If his Mother saw this photo she would have a hairy fit.  I believe this was […]

Antalya Social Group Easter Party

The Antalya Expat Social Group run by Rob and Banu Jacklin organised an Easter Party in a forest picnic area close to the beach. They had help from various people like Yaşar from Shakers Pub and Charlotte Ozturk who runs Animation Fun World. I was given the task of DJ which suited me just fine. […]

Antalya Book Fair

I was going to see the Turkish Rock Band Duman with my friend Sevinç at Konyaalti Amphitheatre but she was held up in traffic but I noticed there was a Book Fair. It was on at the Pyramid Exhibition Centre. There were many book stalls there but they were not much use to me as […]

Antalya Art Exhibition

My friend Agnes attended an Art class for a couple of years and they decided to have an exhibition of their work. They had a couple of musicians play background music for the first hour or so. This is Agnes in front of the stall showing her work. This Wine Bottle was decorated with Thistle’s […]

Blue Life Going Away Party

A local band called Blue Life which played regularly at the Rock Bar in Antalya were splitting up and they held a party at King Bar to say goodbye to friends. I thought they would play on the evening but it turned out that another band performed instead. They were very good also and I […]

Upper Düden Waterfall

My Russian friend Tatyana had a friend and visiting her and so she invited myself and my son to join her along with her friends two children to pay a visit to the Upper Düden Waterfalls, or to give them their correct title, Düden Şulalesi. On entering the park there was an ancient Stone Lion […]

Antalya Triathlon

During the summer months instead of jumping in the shower in the morning I liked to go to the beach for a swim. On my way there one day I noticed that the Antalya Triathlon was taking place. After they finish their cycle it is time to jump in the sea for a swim. This […]