Rob’s Going Away Bash

My last night of the Holiday coincided with Rob Emmett’s going away party. He has been the Quizmaster at Shaker’s Pub for well over a year and so he held one final one starting at 8pm. However, I don’t like being reminded how bad my general knowledge is so I usually turn up after the […]

Antalya Holiday

I left Antalya last October and although I kept in contact with my son pretty regularly via Skype, I was missing him dreadfully. I eventually managed to save up enough money to visit him and so headed back here to do just that. As soon as I got back I began to wonder why the […]

Final Going Away Party

So there was time for one more party before I left town. I was leaving very early on Saturday morning so this was on the Thursday night. I didn’t expect a big turn out as most people came to say goodbye to me on the Friday evening but I knew Tim would be there and […]

Goodbye Ebru

One of my most important friendships in Antalya is no doubt my one with Ebru. I have known her for quite a few years and we get together every few months or so to catch up. I couldn’t leave town without doing so again, so it was back to the Rockbul for Pool. It has […]

Lunapark Farewell

I went for another trip to the Lunapark before leaving town. Can the Three Skull and CrossBones forming a Pyramid on the One Eyed Boy get any more obvious? No? Just me then. Quite a provocative position for a Hippo, so I took advantage. My son was brave enough to go on this, I wasn’t. […]

Second Going Away Party

The days were running out so the party’s were coming thicker and faster. This time Tim had met some ladies at the St Pauls Church and I suggested meeting at Mr Blues so we could chat and hear some decent music. I also invited Ferhan along. Münir was Boss though. After a few drinks there […]

Lara Beach Barbeque

Although it was the tail end of the summer it was still warm enough to have a barbeque on Lara Beach. In Scotland it would still have been Heatwave weather. Ferhan invited myself so I invited Tim and also the group that we met the night we were out playing pool. Ferhan supplied the groceries […]

First Going Away Party

So, it was getting near to the end of my time in Antalya and on the last Friday there, Serap asked if I was going to the Quiz. To be honest I did think that there may be a little surprise party of some description going on but as I’m a good sport I didn’t […]