Çakırlar Market with Aynur

Just for a change, here’s a blog that doesn’t involve drunk people, well unless you can get drunk from Çay that is. Every Sunday in Çakırlar there is a market where you can buy the usual fruit and vegetables that they sell at the other weekly markets throughout Antalya. However, this one is a bit […]

King Bar Quiz – 13/2/15

So the quiz returned to King Bar this week with my good self as the host. There wasn’t a big a turn out as last week at Shaker Pub but still enough for a good bit of banter and a fun evening. Here are this weeks winners, Two Chicks and a Guy, which had obviously […]

King Bar Karaoke Night

I had let Rob guest host this weeks’s quiz at Shaker Pub on the Friday night, so I decided to host a Karaoke Night at King Bar on the Saturday. This was because a few people really love the Karaoke and some had asked for me to do something on Saturday night. I was very […]

King Bar Karaoke Night – 19/10/14

My friend Eda had been asking me to do a Karaoke evening on a Saturday night as she is a teacher and has to work Saturday mornings and so can’t relax as much on the Friday night. I said I was happy to oblige and so organised a night. Here she is at the bar […]

King Bar Quiz Night – 18/10/14

The second week of the King Bar Quiz proved to be a bit more busy than the first. It was good to see my Landlords Alison and Alper there although I couldn’t believe it when Alper was asking me to text him the answers! I am British (for better or worse) and we play the […]

Ken Barby Night

Ken had a friend called Jeff come to stay with him for a couple of months and he was leaving soon so they organised a Barby on their terrace, which also happens to be the roof of their apartment building. Here is Jeff. He is what you would call a ‘character’. Apparently he can rub […]

Footie Night 3

The last game of football I played didn’t kill me but this one almost did. It was only supposed to last for one hour but as there was no-one on after us we kept playing. At the one hour 15 minute mark I had to put my hand up and say I had enough. It […]

Sarisu Beach Day Out

Summer is drawing to a close so we organised one last day at the Beach before the colder weather came. We went to Sarisu Beach where the new slightly controversial all women’s beach is located at the far end of it. Apparently some Russian women are going there and getting naked, which I don’t think […]

King Bar Quiz Night – 4/10/14

Rob Emmett who started and ran the quiz night in Antalya for well over a year, had left town to go to China and there was a note posted on the Antalya Expat Social Group page that people were missing it and wanted someone to take it over. To be honest, I usually went at […]

Night Out with Mr Turkey Central

I got chatting to Ken through his website Turkey Central quite a few years ago but had never met him. He moved to Antalya after I had left to go to Scotland for a year so we were like ships passing in the night. While I was in Scotland he kindly offered me a room […]