Antalya, Turkey: Relaxing Gulet Cruise

A panoramic drive south from Konya takes us over more of the Taurus Mountains towards the Mediterranean coast. And sprawling out from those elevations spreads the metropolis of Antalya. Antalya, with two million people, have so far been its significant port. Its rustic harbor was founded in ancient Roman hours. These dates it administers mostly […]

What Is Life Really Like In Turkey?

A natural bridge connecting Europe and Asia, Turkey grounds its historical roots in both cultures. However, today, Turkey generally doesn’t recognize as either, instead it exists in a unique coalesce “of ones own”. So, what’s everyday lives really like in Turkey? Turkey has been a secular country since 1923, but for decades there’s been a […]

Extreme Bungee Jumping

I have never done a Bungee Jump although I have done a Bungee Catapult and it was scary enough leaving from the ground and being strapped in on a seat. I am not sure if I would do the original Bungee Jump but I dare say if I were there I would be tempted. I […]

Oversimplifying the Common Expat

I was out last Friday night with Brian and he mentioned to me that he was doing a spot of writing these days and asked if he could publish something on my site. I am glad I liked what he sent me. ­čÖé ÔÇťOversimplifying the Common ExpatÔÇŁ by Brian McPhee (DISCLAIMER: Written before reading ÔÇťAdjusting […]

Antalya Living Welcome

Hello, welcome to Antalya Living. My name is Billy Watson and I originally put the first version of Antalya Living online in 2007 after I moved here permanently in 2006. ┬áIt was intended to showcase the region to foreigners by giving some general information and also by┬áblogging about my life here. However, I decided to […]