Witch House Cafe Fun

So as I mentioned in the Flamenco Dancer in Witch House Cafe blog, I was invited back to meet the owner Orhan about my E-Video Agency. However, I talked to a staff member Sinan on facebook and asked if it was possible for me to do a comedy gig at the Witch House as the […]

Flamenco Dancer at Witch House Cafe

Aynur and I attended an Occupation Fancy Dress Party at King Bar on Saturday night where she had hired a Flamenco Dancer’s costume and she had rehearsed some dance moves so she could strut her stuff in the bar but although we had asked for some Flamenco music to be played that never materialised so […]

Oversimplifying the Common Expat

I was out last Friday night with Brian and he mentioned to me that he was doing a spot of writing these days and asked if he could publish something on my site. I am glad I liked what he sent me. 🙂 “Oversimplifying the Common Expat” by Brian McPhee (DISCLAIMER: Written before reading “Adjusting […]

Pub Opening

I live in the Gürsu area of Konyaalti which is a mostly residential area with not too many bars or nightclubs so when my wife announced that there was a new bar having it’s opening night, I took the family along to check it out. Mind you, that’s mainly because they usually give away free […]

Twix Banana

Even when nothing much is happening I still seem to end up with quite a few photos on my camera so here’s a selection from the past few weeks. I have been spending a lot of time in front of my computer, nothing new there, but these days I am really focusing on how I […]

Banu’s Wedding

When I came back to live in Antalya last August my old friend, but obviously young Lady :), Banu was going to put me up for a few days while I looked for somewhere else to live more permanently. However, as it turned out my Ex-wife allowed me to stay with her for a few […]

Art School Exhibition

After I left the School which I talked about in my previous blog, on the way to the bus I spotted a Homemade Market like the one I used to go to in Konyaalti so I took the boy to check it out further. As I got closer I noticed there was another Art Exhibition […]

Antalya Day Out

Someone told me about a School that was looking for Teachers and gave me their contact number so I called the boss and tried to explain my situation to him and ask about the details of the job but he said he would rather meet face to face and that he would be in his […]

Couchsurfing Night

My son has moved in with me so that and my financial situation kind of curtails my old drinking habits, which I have to say, isn’t exactly a bad thing but I do miss socialising. Fortunately the local Couchsurfing crowd meet up regularly at various cafe’s in Antalya and I could take my son there […]