Diving is one of the oldest dreams of humanity. You experience friendship and freedom to the fullest in the colorful world of the depths and share the feeling of exploring with your diving friends.

Underneath the water in the Mediterranean is like a magical world. There are opportunities to dive in many regions, from Manavgat to Kas. There are water sports and diving school sections in almost all hotels and holiday resorts.

The Antalya region provides various diving alternatives at Kemer where the most amount of diving schools are located. Right at the entrance of the port at Antalya a French Navy Ship lies 20- 32 meters below, and is very interesting for wreckage fans. Around Kemer Marina at a depth of 33 meters is a wreckage which all divers should visit on their stay here.

Out in the opens of Tekirova, The Three Islands is an area where different kinds of diving could be performed. The Three Islands is also ideal for cave diving. As well as being able to come across tuna swarms, seals can also be run into. Again, these waters are excellent for macro and night photography. On the shores, dolphins can be seen at any moment.

Diving Centers


It's an ideal area for divers. Turtle, tuna, thornback ray and shark is amongst the sea animals that can be seen.

Patara Canyon

t's decorated with varieties of coral and sponge. The lantern wall going down from 11 meters to 132, is very bright and colorful. Oksuz Island shelters monkfish of the shark family.

B-24 American War Plane Wreckage

Close to Antalya's Manavgat county, the wreck lying 200 meters in the open, is of the b-24 type war plane called “Hadley's Harem” which was returning back to its base in Cyprus, after accomplishing a bombing mission over Poland in 1944. The extraction of the remaining parts of the plane is still under way, diving here requires special authorization.

Uluburun Antique Wreckage

Located at 8.5 kilometers Southeast of Kas County, The wreckage lying in 60 meters open from the East shore of Uluburun, is the remains of a freight ship of belonging to 14th Century B.C. The unique load of the ship which was mounted at as deep as 61 meters was brought to day light as the result of the dives started in 1984. The extracted pieces are being displayed today at Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology.

Gelidonya Antique Wreckage

Gelidonya wreckage, located at the west edge of the Antalya gulf, is of a freight ship which hit the rocks while sailing close to as the way it is known today, Taslik Cape. Some research dives conducted at 1960 determined that this wreckage lying at 26-28 meters below dated back to the late 13th Century B.C. Another specialty of this wreck that it holds the title as the first underwater excavation conducted in compliance with the land excavation standards.

The French (elite society) Wreck:

The wreckage lying at 1 km in the open of Antalya Yacht Port is of the French navy ship named “San Didier” which was sunken during the war in 1942. Its name remained as the elite society wreck in public because of the facts that the personnel on the ship did not wear uniforms in order to camouflage themselves and while the fishermen were helping, the people on the ship tried to take their personal belongings with them. Authorization is required from Antalya governorship and The Sea Police Branch directorship.


They have suitable spots for diving from the land in this area between the two big beaches of Antalya, Lara and Konyaalti. Cliff formations go down to between 14 and 25 meters deep.

Sican Adasi

A few kilometers away from Antalya port, this small island is another area that gets the divers' attention. Having a little cave on the East of it, is a nice surprise for the divers.

Kaş Plane Wreck

The three propeller Italian war plane that sunk for an unknown reason around Meis Island during World War II, could be seen starting at 57 meters while its tail and other metal pieces lay down below at 70 meters because of the inclination. There is still arsenal around the wreck some of which blown and some still considered to be active.

The Three Islands

It's a diving area consisting of small islands in the opens of Tekirova. Having many diving sites around it, many varieties of depths, and the bottom structure being richer compared to Antalya, sight clarity and being close to many diving centers, it ranks amongst the most favorite diving areas. It's nearly about 45 minutes from Kemer Yacht Port.

Gok Cave

Located at Finike, Gok Cave, is one of the deepest caves of Asian which has been dived into. Fresh water coming out in the caves mixes up with salt water at 15 meters below.

Paris Wreckage

About 1.5 kilometers out of Kemer Yacht Port, on a sandy ground, lying 25 meters below, this wreck is of a French freight ship that sunk during World War II.

Suluin Cave

Antalya plato is a travertine plato and water made this plato by melting lime stones. Underneath this formation, many fresh water sources mix up in the sea.