If horseback riding intimidates you, or you have an unexplained fear of horses, it is simply not your fault. Horses were once the main means of transportation in many places in the world. Then, along comes the horseless carriage, the automobile.

From that point on, we have been conditioned to not see the horse as a pleasant mode of transportation. They are big animals that look intimating. You are simply reacting to a lifetime of what you have seen and been told. BUT all that can change with a visit (or two) to one of the Horseback riding schools here in the Antalya Region.

The schools take people of all ages and levels and offer them a one off lesson or a course to advance their skills. They also do safari trips into the heart of the countryside and again will go at the pace of the rider.

They also have eating and drinking facilities and special nights like Valentines night with outdoor barbeques.

Here are my Everest Horse Club  and Horse Safari Blog posts.

Check out their websites below for more details.

Everest Riding School

Bagana Horse Club

Yukarikaraman Düzlerçami
Tel: (90) 242 425 2044

Berke Ranch

Akcasaz Mevkii P.K.186 Kuzdere Koyu
07980 Kemer /Antalya