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Extreme Bungee Jumping

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I have never done a Bungee Jump although I have done a Bungee Catapult and it was scary enough leaving from the ground and being strapped in on a seat. I am not sure if I would do the original Bungee Jump but I dare say if I were there I would be tempted. I think I would prefer it above the Sea though, just in case the rope snaps. You can’t be too careful when throwing yourself off high platforms! Cheers Billy

Xmas and New Year 2017

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I took my family to Migros Shopping centre around Xmas time and then took my wife to a Coffee Shop for a 'wild and crazy' New Year.

Daily Sabah Article

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I got a mention in a national Turkish newspaper called The Daily Sabah regarding my Antalya Living website.

Video Sales in Kaleici

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I took my family to Kaleici in Antalya to try and sell some videos for my E-Video Agency business. It was a hot day but we did manage to cover our costs for water and snacks so that was the main thing.

Radio Scotland Interview

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I got interviewed by Radio Scotland about the situation in Turkey regarding the recent Terrorist Attacks.