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Kevin's Happy Christmas

Generally speaking I am not a big fan of Xmas. I would celebrate it more if it were more in touch with it’s pagan roots, but as it is these days I feel as though it’s just a way to scam people into buying lots of crap that they can’t afford just to keep the so called ‘economy‘ afloat.

Although, when I was living in the UK, on Xmas day itself I generally get into the mood of it…..any excuse for a good meal and a party with friends and family.

Since coming to Turkey I haven’t bothered much about it and in fact last year I spent all Xmas day by myself in my apartment. It was a strange day though, as it seemed like everyone else in the world was together with their family and I was the sole Mr Bah Humbug.

I didn’t even go and see my son because he was at his Grandma’s and I had no presents to give him anyway because I’m a Scrooge. I have never fed him the Santa is real story and buy him presents as and when something appears that he likes and is useful, not just for the sake of it.

However, last year I did end up posting about 10 christmas songs on facebook so I guess I was wanting to join in the fun somehow. Obviously here it is only the expats who pay much attention to Xmas.

Turkish shops still put up decorations and the odd Santa model in the shops but they use him to celebrate New Year and in doing so they say ‘Happy Xmas’ which is a bit confusing. Obviously the corporations need to convince Turks to spend their money on shite too, although they do more of a token New Year gift, rather than break their bank balances.

Billy and Santa

I was going to do the same ‘stay at home’ routine this year but on Xmas Day itself my friend Kevininvited myself and some other friends to his house for Xmas Dinner. Kevin’s wife Vicky was in the UK visiting their son and so I thought it was just going to just be Kevin, myself and Caner which would have been cool enough.

Caner and I actually went to play pool for an hour or so before Kevin picked us up and took us to his place. Apart from the game where I potted the black, I won every game. Caner said I was a hustler but I am just average really. A good player would whip my ass but I can’t say that I don’t enjoy winning. 🙂

Billy and Caner

Kevin had also invited two lovely lady friends of ours Dey Da and Candan over and although it took them a while to locate his apartment when they arrived they certainly helped the party go with a swing.

Kevin's Xmas Party Group

To start with we had olives with pimientos and various nuts followed by my favourite dish of the evening jumbo prawns in a cajun and crab pepper sauce with small salad and bread. Not exactly traditional Christmas grub but very yummy nonetheless.

Candan wasn’t too sure about them at first but she was soon converted and after a while we were all scrambling to get our fair share of the remaining ones.

Xmas Dinner Party

This was followed by two melted cheese topped nachos with various mexican chilli spiced vegetables….and finally a melt in the middle dark chocolate pudding cake topped with hot sour cherries and sauce, which was really exquisite. Melt in the mouth orgasm level.,

Kevins Xmas Pudding

Throughout the evening beer, Turkish wine and Brandy flowed freely………as you can probably tell by these pics……

Xmas Party (42)

Xmas Party (51)

By this time the Bailey’s was disappearing quite quickly too….as were Kevin’s inhibitions. 😉

Xmas Party (68)

Candan was working early the next day so the party came to an end around two in the morning but not before I’d managed to grab her for a dance or six.

Billy and Candan Dancing

Thanks to Kevin for his great hospitality and cheers to good friends who helped make for a great evening. Xmas wasn’t so bad this year after all and I even ended up doing my dancing Xmas Tree impersonation.

Billy Dancing Xmas Tree

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