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An Australian guy called Tim had posted on the Social Group page on facebook that he needed someone to show him the nightlife of Antalya. Well, I couldn’t think of anyone better placed to do that so I volunteered my services and arranged to meet him in Rockbul for a game of Pool.

Time for a quick selfie with the Umbrellas on the way

billy tim night out (3)

While we were playing Pool a friend approached me an asked us to join him and his friends for a drink. As Tim would say, no worries mate, so he took us to the garden of a Cafe/Bar around the corner.

billy tim night out (15)

While I was there, dancing actually, the two Polish girls I had met at King Bar a couple of weeks ago popped in to use the toilet. Time for a selfie!

billy tim night out (23)

We had danced to the Rock and Roll tunes on my music box but now the Turkish music was on, so we had to teach Tim the pinkie patter!

billy tim night out (29)

The owner of the Bar came over to join in the fun.

billy tim night out (30)

Tim thought I was off my head but as he would discover over the next week or so, he had only scratched the surface of the madness. Still, he was up for a laugh and I knew he’d be a great addition to the expat scene. Pity I was leaving so soon.

billy tim night out (32)

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