Venedik Children’s Circus

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Venedik Children’s Circus came to Antalya and so I took my son along as it was something different to do.  It was taking place in the Exhibition Centre at the Pyramid Park.

Before the show got started the clown went around the crowd selling Red Noses.  My son of course wanted one.  Given the fact we paid 10 TL entry fee I thought they should have been dished out for free but maybe that’s just the Scottish in me.

Venedik Children's Circus

The show was ok for children but certainly not the best I have ever seen.  These guys were one of the best acts.

Venedik Children's Circus

The Hat throwing guys were pretty good too, although they did make the odd mistake here and there, they were still fun to watch.

Venedik Children's Circus

I am not a fan of keeping animals in captivity for the sake of entertaining people so when one of these birds refused to go along with the program I had to laugh.

Venedik Children's Circus

This act would have been really impressive if the plates hadn’t been stuck to the sticks.

Venedik Children's Circus

Still, they were fun to watch and quite good at what they did.

Venedik Children's Circus

At the end of the show it was time to get the loose bird back into its cage but it wasn’t too keen. As you can see by this time I had acquired the Red Nose.

Venedik Children's Circus

Eventually the clown had to climb up the rigging, which my son and I found highly amusing and was the best part of the show, even though it was technically over by that point.

Venedik Children's Circus

Never one to miss a photo opportunity, I sat in front of the Eagle for this one. My son didn’t have the same enthusiasm for it as I did though.  I think he’s too grown up for his age, or maybe I just embarrass him.

Venedik Children's Circus

After that we took a stroll around the park and ate some ice cream before heading home. I wasn’t too keen on giving my son back his nose but he insisted. Still, time for one more photo…

Billy with Butterflies

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