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My Russian friend Tatyana had a friend and visiting her and so she invited myself and my son to join her along with her friends two children to pay a visit to the Upper Düden Waterfalls, or to give them their correct title, Düden Şulalesi.

Upper Duden Waterfall

On entering the park there was an ancient Stone Lion which I thought was too good a photo opportunity to let slip by.

Upper Duden Waterfall

As we approached the start of the waterfalls there was a park with some Ducks and Geese in it.

Upper Duden Waterfall

Just after that came the main waterfalls.

Upper Duden Waterfall

You probably know how much I like to pose for photos by now.

Upper Duden Waterfall

I met a nice group of visitors from Iran and had a nice chat with them before getting a snap in. Well, the lady was particularly beautiful.

Waterfall day out (28)

As you walk around the river you pass lots of picnic tables before coming to a bridge across the water where I took this photo.

Upper Duden Waterfall

Here is a photo of all my companions that day.

Upper Duden Waterfall

As we approached the end of the trail, which goes in a big circle I met some other friends of mine, Mustafa who runs Sefa Hemam and Kayla who had her parents from America visiting her and were at the park too.

Upper Duden Waterfall

After we finished the tour I got the skipping ropes out and played with the children for a while much to the amusement of Mustafa and Kayla’s family as they passed us on the way out themselves.

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