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Alper and Alison had met Nicole in a bank when Alper helped translate for her and they got chatting afterwards and became friends. Nicole runs a Holiday company and she said she was looking for an entertainer to host some evenings and so Alison suggested my good self. We met up at Ten-Pin Bowling to break the ice. I played Alper at Pool before we went on to the Ten-Pin.

Here are Alison and Alper making a video of Nicole’s awesome technique so they can study it later.

pool night 4 (8)

Mind you, Alper did hit a few Strikes so he perhaps doesn’t need to study it that much.

pool night 4 (10)

I was concentrating on ‘entertaining’ the ladies.

quiz dancing night (10)

We then went back to Alisons and Alpers for a Dance-Off Competition on the Wii Games Console.

pool night 4 (17)

You have to make your controller follow the coloured hand of your avatar.

pool night 4 (20)

I make it look easy….although granted, I never won once.

quiz dancing night (4)

Alper was the champ but then he had lots of practice with Alison’s children when they visited, that’s my excuse anyway.

Another team photo for the road.

pool night 4 (32)

The Photos

The Benny Hill Version

For some reason the Benny Hill theme tune makes everything funnier, so I changed the soundtrack on the video for fits and giggles.


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