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Getting ready for a Strike!

My friend Sevinç had organised a night out for her fellow teachers from the Language School she works at and invited my good self along to join them.  I had actually went for a trail lesson at that school about a year prior and although I thought the lesson I done went reasonably well evidently I didn’t quite cut the mustard as I didn’t hear back from them regarding the outcome, so I took it as read they didn’t want me back.

I did get a phone call about a month later though from a lady from the Istanbul headquarters asking me to go to the school to record my voice for a particular exam for their students and she wanted me to ‘lose my accent’ as apparently a girl in the trial lesson had difficulty with it.  What’s more she wanted me to do it for free.  I was polite in telling her hat I wasn’t born yesterday.

My friend Kevin met me there an hour or so before the bowling began so that I could whip his ass at Pool and he duly obliged.  I didn’t have my best bowling game though, coming in second and third in the two games we played. I beat Kevin though so that’s all that mattered.

I then went back to Kevin’s house for a couple of beers on the balcony and while there I got a call from Joceyln who had arrived after we left, asking us if we wanted to join her and Sevinç and a couple more for a few beers there.  Well, ‘Is a Man in a Skirt a Scotsman?’ was my answer.

Teachers at Beach

Of course I have to act the clown at any given opportunity.

Teachers at the Beach

It wasn’t the warmest night ever but at one point to show how Scottish (mental) I am I for a dip and I decided to do my laying motionless floatation tank position but regretted it big time as when I came out I thought I had caught pneumonia. I found it pretty hard to get heat back into me. I guess all the beer never helped.

One of those nights that you don’t expect to be great but that takes an interesting turn and ends up quality….or just a typical night out in Antalya for me. 😉

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