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So, I hadn’t visited Susie in a while so I took a trip on my bike to the village where she lives. We had got a few supplies in to help us pass the afternoon and were 3 or 4 beers into them when she got a call from her Landlord, my good friend Pat.

He told us that he was on his way and that he was bringing a crowd with him to show them the house. We used that as an opportunity to order more beer and when the calvery arrived we invited them to join the party.

susie saturday (2)

They were a lovely family but Pat’s wife, Latife, wasn’t feeling that well so they didn’t stay long, just a quick beer and they were off.

susie saturday (4)

Fortunately, they left Susie and I with enough alcohol to finish the job and we proceeded to polish off the supplies.

susie saturday (8)

It was a good day and thankfully my hangover wasn’t too bad the next morning, cause I usually suffer quite a bit when I start drinking at Midday the day before.

Maybe I paced myself well or the heat made me sweat it out. 🙂

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