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My good friend and regular singer at King Bar Karaoke Eda, had organised a surprise 40th birthday party for her boyfriend Göksay, who also comes along to the Karaoke and blows everyone else out the water, what with him being a professional Opera singer.

I was due to host the quiz last night but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to him and also be there to see the look on his face when he realised the set up, so I put the start of the quiz back one hour and headed off to Lara in search of Bar Duck.

Although I studied the Google map a bit before going, I did go a bit off track and had to ask a few bouncers at some other bars where Bar Duck is located. It is a weird name for a bar and I think they thought I was asking for a Bardak (glass) at first, so I had to call it Bar Ördek. I found it eventually and if truth be told I shouldn’t have needed to ask as it was on the main road and fairly easy to spot.

goksay party (6)

I think it is a fairly new bar and outside they advertise that they show LigTV (Turkish football) and wherever you sit you are sure to see the game as there were 3 large televisions behind the bar, 3 small tv’s at the table area and a very large screen in the entrance area.

However, as there wasn’t any football on they showed music videos that had nothing to do with the music that was actually playing. I find TV’s in bars like that a bit distracting as it’s bad enough people looking at their phones all night, without watching TV too. Anyway, that seems to be the way these days and who am I to judge. I guess some folks like it.

I had got there before any guests arrived and I spotted this board with 40 notes on why we love Göksay. I wrote on number 7 – I love Göksay because he sings at King Bar Karaoke.

goksay party (2)

People started to arrive around 8pm as Eda had made sure everyone got the message to be there for Göksay arriving at 8.30pm. Not long after I had arrived Dave sat at the table beside me. I hadn’t met him before but we got to chatting, mainly about the Education system and how he controls the children in his class using a squeaky toy.

goksay party (10)

Then Lanya joined the table and I forgot we had connection as she had contacted me through this website about a year and a half ago asking if I could help her find a job. Around the same time a school got in contact with me asking if I knew any teachers, so acted as the middle man to help both of them out. I had only met her in the flesh briefly once before at a party at Shaker Pub so I was a bit embarrassed when I didn’t recognise her. I think she forgave me though. 🙂

goksay party (13)

At about 8.20pm, as we were talking I heard some cheering so I realised that the man of honour had arrived a little bit early and so darted out of my seat to take some photos of the look on Göksay’s face.

goksay party (8)

I then switched on my video and you can see how taken aback he was with the scene. Eda had announced it on a private group in facebook and I thought the secret would get out but he was genuinely shocked at the scene so obviously it had been kept well.

As he was walking around in a bit of a daze I said Happy Birthday and grabbed him for a quick selfie.

goksay party (15)

Even though a part of me really wanted to stay, especially when Dave told me there was going to be Russian Dancers, I had to head off to King Bar to do this weeks quiz.

There was a very small turn out this week with only the hardcore regulars turning up. It didn’t stop us from enjoying it though and the aptly named The Victorious came out victorious.

quiz march 13 (1)

Ken shared some of his prize of a Sex On The Beach with Anıl and myself.

quiz march 13 (3)

As the ladies left fairly quickly after the quiz, Anıl didn’t feel the need to sing to Ken and myself and so we skipped the Karaoke and went outside for a chat beside the pond, with Levent joining us.

After about 5 minutes Arzu and Bir came out of the Restaurant. Arzu told me I looked ugly without my beard, she is nothing if not direct. She is going to England soon and asked if I can hook her up with any of my English friends while she is there, you know, to act as a tour guide. 😉 I said I’ll see what I can do but I don’t think any of my friends are up to her standards.

quiz march 13 (5)

Ken then produced this Beard. He was going to use it to sing along with his karaoke song of choice, Man of Constant Sorrow, which would have been perfect.

quiz march 13 (6)

I think he should have kept it hidden until that opportunity arose but the cat was out the bag now and so I also had to try it on as I am not one to miss out on a cool photo opportunity and it certainly made up for my lack of beard and maybe brought some of my good looks back. 🙂

quiz march 13 (7)

As we were sitting beside the pond a few raindrops had started to fall so for a while I was thinking maybe I should head off but all of a sudden there was a huge crack of Thunder and the Heaven’s opened. That was my sign to hit the road, before they totally flooded.

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