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So after spending a year in Scotland I was very happy to be back in Antalya and so I started going out regularly in Kaleici to make up for lost time. As I was pounding the streets I passed by çöp corner. Çöp means rubbish and I guess it gets it’s name from the Graffiti on the walls but I think it looks quite Groovy myself.

king bar night 1 (14)

As I walked passed I notice someone who I recognised, Ince. I had met her a couple of times in the last week before I left last October and I think she is a really nice intelligent girl. For her age she certainly has her head screwed on a lot more than most of her peers.

Billy and Ince

She was with her friend, Tügce, who took a liking to me when I explained that I don’t believe in Government and that essentially I am an Anarchist.

king bar night 1 (10)

They had bought 50 Mussels between them and shared them with me, so I got a couple of beers for them in return and then we had a street party.

king bar night 1 (8)

As we were sitting there another group of 3 young folk sat down close to us. One of them came up to me and said that he was going out and needed some money for beer and asked me if I could provide him with the funds. I was polite as I told him to in essence take a long walk of a short pier.

Do I really look like I’m made of money and ready to part with it to any stranger in the street who wants to get drunk that night? No, I didn’t think so, but I did take Ince and Tügce and their friend down to King Bar and bought them a drink there, although by this time Tügce and Ince were on the Coffee.

Tügce, Ince and Friend

I had told Ken, who runs the Turkey Central website that I would be there at some point in the evening and so he brought his friend Jeff along with him. Jeff is a travel writer and was staying with Ken for a couple of months and he certainly is a character. Fortunately, I have seen a few in my time so I gave as good as I got in the banter stakes.

king bar night 1 (21)

The young team left the bar around 11.30 and it wasn’t long afterwards that I decided to hit home myself but not before I bumped into Ibo on the way. His real name is Ibrahim Tatlises and I spent my first 3 New Years Eve’s after moving to Turkey watching his Ibo Show with my wife and her parents and young son.

On March 14, 2011 he was shot was hit with a bullet that entered the back of his skull and exited through the front which effectively put an end to his singing career but thankfully not his life.

king bar night 1 (23)

Then I caught the bus home.

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