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Christmas Bazaar

I took my son along to the Xmas Bazaar at St Paul’s Place this year. They were selling lots of christmas decorations and a few other things besides, my favourite being these model house interiors.

Model Houses

They have recently completed some building work on the ground floor area which has turned the cafe area into a very spacious place where people can go and relax, enjoy the great wholesome food they sell and even read a book from their library.

St Pauls Place

Christmas Party

Upstairs is where the Childrens party was and that’s where my son wanted to drag me as soon as we arrived.  He spent a good hour up there going around the different tables where there were various handicraft materials for the children to make things like Christmas Cards and Paper Trees.

st paul church bazaar (5)

Then it was time for good ole Pastor James Bultema to dress up as Santa to give a Christmas message and of course some Candy.  

I met my friends Sarah and Steve and asked them what they thought was the best piece of handicraft work and they unanimously chose my sons over mine so that made him happy.

Sarah, Steve and Billy at the Xmas Bazaar)

The Photos


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