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Alper obviously hadn’t learned his lesson from our last sporty evening and wanted a rematch on the Pool. Three games later he had had enough.

pool alper 2 (1)

We then went to play Table Tennis again and Alper won this time, well when he played Alison he did. I still wiped his sorry butt.

pool alper 2 (10)

However, I didn’t even bother competing with him on the punchbag machine as real men don’t need to prove it. 😉

pool alper 2 (15)

I won this race but then again, you would expect that wouldn’t you.

pool alper 2 (19)

We played various other arcade games, finishing with a good old fashioned shoot ’em up. Fortunately due to my lack of Army training, Alper won this one hands down. Still, I look good in the photos. 🙂

pool alper 2 (29)

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