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Although Rob Emmett who ran the Trivia Quiz has moved to China, Alex was hosting it at Shaker Pub so I went out on the town again. I visited King Bar first for a couple of beers and met a couple of lovely lassies from Poland who were travelling around Europe.

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They were spending one month in Antalya and were helping out at King Bar on the odd night. Oğuz certainly seemed to enjoy having them there.

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As I took her photo she said she is like Cinderella. Well, I would like to be her Prince Charming anyway.

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Then I got talking to these two guys. Levent, the owner of King Bar, said the guy with the beards name is Mr White. It isn’t but it is a reference to a long standing joke between them. I think his name was Dave and I struck up a good conversation with him and at the end of it he proclaimed me a genius!!

Well, I certainly didn’t disagree as he was supplying the Wine throughout the conversation, which is probably why he came to the conclusion he did. 😉

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I then headed off to Shaker Pub where Alex did a fine job of hosting the Trivia Quiz.

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I usually attend the quiz’s after the quiz, for the socialising aspect as I don’t think my general knowledge is that great. However, I was a key participant on this occassion as I knew a few of the answers and I was even the only one to know who said ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’ which was the last question and basically won us the quiz!!

Our team captain Christine picked up the prize. I don’t know how a team is suppossed to share a book but it is the glory of winning that counts anyway.

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Arzu and Sevinç then had some fun with my hair. It felt like I was at a girls slumber party.

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Aaron and Nisa are planning on moving to Edinburgh for a year so I reassured them that although I had just left to come to Turkey again, that they would enjoy Scotland…as long as they have warm clothing and an umbrella, of course.

Billy and Friends

Then myself, Ferhan and a few of the Ladies went down to King Bar where I took control of the stereo and pumped out some party tunes for an hour or so.

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We rocked the house and thus ended another fab night in Antalya.

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