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As I said in my previous blog, after my visit to Antalya in June I realised that this is my home now and so despite having no real plan of how I am going to survive out here, here I am and I must say, I am very happy to be back.

I have noticed a few changes since I left. There is a new College and Belediye (council) building close to my house and also this nice new coffee house, which sells a great variety of drinks and cakes and although it is a little bit more expensive than other places, it is a nice place to chill out.

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One of the things I missed about living in Turkey is the randomness of the way things happen here. For instance, one night I went to a petrol station and the gas attendent offered me a cup of tea, which I gladly accepted.

I then pushed my bike to the side and sat down with him and his co-workers for a chat.

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It turned out that the attendant likes to sing and has a youtube page called Arab Mehmet with a few songs he has sung karaoke style.

I told him that I sometimes host Open Mic nights in Antalya and would give him a call if I set something up, so he gave me his number.

With that in mind, I went to see Levent at King Bar, who said if I ever come back to Antalya, I could host any kind of event I wanted.

There were changes there too as a new Elevator has been put in place which is a great shortcut from the main street straight down to the entrance of King Bar, which is situated at the Harbour.

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Levent told me to think about what I want to do and get back to him to set it up. That sounded good to me as one of the things that I did miss when I was staying here before was the opportunity of performing.

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So I took a walk around the harbour and noticed that a hellavu lot of Pirate Ships have popped up. It seems that if someone has an idea that works then everyone else jumps on board, let’s just hope they don’t walk the plank too. 😉

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I walked around Kaleici, looking for trouble and I found some in Sponge Pub, named after Sponge Bob.

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I was chatting to the waiters in there and even got a couple of photos with them which wasn’t a problem. However, when I gave one female waiter my web address so she could look up the photos if she wanted, this got the attention of the manager, Ertugrül who started giving me some grief.

I had to use all my diplomatic skills to diffuse the situation and fortunately he eased up on me. He is obviously protective of his workers and has no doubt had to develop a tough attitude to deal with some clientele in the past. Fair enough.

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I went looking for a place to dance and ended up in Tudors Pub. No-one else was dancing but that didn’t stop me. Some young folks from Istanbul were in town and they called me over to their table for a chat.

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Things were going ok but I think they guys thought I was getting a little too close to one of the girls and I realised I had outstayed my welcome. lol.

With that I decided it was time to hit the road. No point in getting myself in too much trouble on the first night back on the town. There is plenty more time for that in the months ahead.

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