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My friend Serife is going away to work in Malaysia and was having a going away night out starting off at Macha Bar in Kaleici.

However, I couldn’t get there in time for the start of the evening and by the time they had arrived I had missed them.  As I never had her phone number I went to Simurg Bar to see if they were there as that is where her friends Tugce and Yeşim took me just after Xmas.

It turns out my hunch was right as they were sitting in the same spot as we had a couple of weeks previously.

Serife Party Group

I had my computer and guitar with me as I had just came from Mr Blues and didn’t want to carry them around all night, so I just had a drink with them, wished Serife all the best, then headed off to catch the bus home.

Billy and Serife

I don’t know their name but the band who were playing there were pretty good, especially the lead guitar player who knocked out some pretty great solos during their set.

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