Second Going Away Party

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The days were running out so the party’s were coming thicker and faster. This time Tim had met some ladies at the St Pauls Church and I suggested meeting at Mr Blues so we could chat and hear some decent music. I also invited Ferhan along. Münir was Boss though. 🙂

second going away party (13)

After a few drinks there we headed off to Tudor’s Pub. On the way there I met Arif, who was a sculptor who I interviewed on one of my first Antalya Living Blogs.

second going away party (22)

Some tips for the Ladies in Tudors Pub.

second going away party (24)

I enjoyed chatting with the girls. One of them actually played in Goals in a Professional Soccer League in America and if I remember correctly she told me she broke her neck during training and that kind of led her to giving it up. She’s a mad Man Utd supporter so I take it she hasn’t been too impressed with Scottish Moysey!

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Coming out of the Toilets I met Rusty and with him being the musician that he is, I thought it apt to get a last photo with him beside the Rolling Stones lips Logo.

second going away party (28)

The best bit of the night though was when I spilt drink on myself and the girl from the next table looked at me, expecting me to go nuts, but I just winked at her. She loved that. Cool under pressure, that’s me. 😉

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