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My friend Joe is a Caver. He loves searching for them and then exploring them. He organises teams to go and do this. Last year he had come to this location and found quite a few that he believed were unexplored.

He invited myself and Steve to go back with him to search for some more so we headed off at about 6am and got to this village for about 9am.

I hadn’t had much sleep so managed to catch up on some in the back seat before going to a small cafe for a nice bowl of warm soup. This village is quite far out of the way and I don’t think they see that many foreigners there but they made us feel very welcome.

Joe and Steve Trip (33)

We then carried on for about another hour or so before we arrived at the place where Joe had camped last year. We warmed ourselves with a cup of tea there.

Joe and Steve Trip (74)

Then we set off up the mountain.

Joe and Steve Trip (94)

Although we could see some snow on the mountain we didn’t expect to reach the snow line quite so quickly.

Joe and Steve Trip (109)

But only about an hour after setting off we were walking on fresh crispy snow.

Joe and Steve Trip (129)

After a while we found a place to stop for packed lunch.

Joe and Steve Trip (149)

On the way back down the mountain we bumped into this young fellow who was out with the Goats all day on the mountain.

Joe and Steve Trip (165)

Then it was back to the camping area for a beer and some fresh fish. Lovely end to a great days walking.

Joe and Steve Trip (169)

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