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Summer is drawing to a close so we organised one last day at the Beach before the colder weather came. We went to Sarisu Beach where the new slightly controversial all women’s beach is located at the far end of it.

Apparently some Russian women are going there and getting naked, which I don’t think is what the municipality had in mind. lol.

At our end of the beach, instead of nudity, we had wigs. Yep, cause after a beer or two I dipped into my bag and pulled out the goodies. Here’s Alison, thinking that she ain’t had enough to drink yet for this patter.

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (8)

I think the Afro suits Alper rather well though. I did see photos of Alper with long hair which he had when he first met Alison and I thought he looked quite cool. She wasn’t a fan of either look though. 🙂

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (12)

Some other friends joined us on the day out. Here is Wassili from Russia. He soon got into the swing of the shenanigans.

alison sarisu (4)

Aynur took to it like a duck to water.

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (16)

And Susie likewise. It’s amazing what 2 beers will do and she wasn’t even drinking!

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (20)

Of course, we didn’t stop at 2 as we let Alper set up the BBQ. It brings Turkish men great joy to do the Barby, so who were we to interrupt?

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (34)

While the food was cooking Susie, Wassili and myself went for a swim while Aynur watched from the beach.

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (36)

Twenty minutes of swimming later we had worked up an appetite and returned to the Barby for the scoff and very tasty it was too.

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (45)

Here is Alper admiring his handiwork.

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (46)

As the light was fading Susie decided to hit the road while the rest of us got out the playing cards. We played a variation of game that I call Switch, or Jack Change It. I am not sure of the Turkish name but it is a bit more involved as they use 2 packs and count up the scores at the end of each game, and there are 7 rounds in all although we only played about 4. It was good fun though.

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (49)

Before we left we went to the exercise machines to try and burn off the beer and food. Well, at least in theory, in practice we were on them for about 2 minutes which I don’t think was enough to achieve our aim.

sarisu alison alper billy aynur (58)

Then we hit the bus home.

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