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Free Salsa Lessons at Black Betty


I have been helping to run a free Salsa lesson night here in Konyaalti in Antalya. Here is the details of this weeks free Salsa Lessons at the Black Betty. Beginners welcome so if you haven’t been before why not pop along and give it a try. It’s all good fun. 🙂

Because of the growing attendance at our salsa evenings, and the improving skills of some of the dancers we will be increasing the number of classes from two levels to three:

Level 1 Beginners, Level 2 Improvers, Level 3 Intermediate (an Advanced Level will be introduced later).

That means that tonight night some of those who have been in the beginners class will advance to level 2.

There is one small problem with this welcome move. We only have two teachers. To cater for this the classes will now take place as follows:

Beginners Class 8.00pm 

Improvers and Intermediate Classes 8.45pm.

This means we have to be more disciplined on time – people must turn up a little in advance so that we can start the classes on time. And if they come late they will miss their lesson.

Of course we will be able to continue our practice session after the lessons finish as usual. Hope to see you there!

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2 thoughts on “Salsa Lessons

  1. Hello,
    Do You also give kizomba classes?
    Yes ,then I want to arrange something for the 1st week of december. I stay for à hollyday in Lara by then….
    And no kizomba classes….Can You recommandeer someone ?
    Elisa from Holland

  2. Hi Elisa, thanks for leaving a comment. I have no idea what Kizomba is but it sounds quite good. Unfortunately we no longer do the Salsa Lessons but it was fun while it lasted.
    Here is another group that organises various Latin dance classes. They may be able to help you with your kizombaing. 😉

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