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My friend Pat wanted me to help organize a Salsa evening for the Expats of Antalya. Although I wasn’t overly keen on the idea I thought, why not?

He came over to my apartment one day and we downloaded some Salsa lessons from youtube and stuck them on an Mp3 stick. We then went to Ruud Bar in Konyaalti and asked if we could use their bar for the lessons. We planned to show the lessons we downloaded on their big television and take it from there.

I then advertised on my facebook page and we went there on the night in question to see who would turn up. Fortunately, and I mean FORTUNATELY a couple called Steven and Funda turned up with their daughter Francesca. It just so happened that they were Salsa tutors and they volunteered to take the class.

Well, God rewards those who meet him halfway I guess and so the Salsa nights for Expats began. We probably ran more than 10 weeks but here are the photo collections and videos that I took from various evenings.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

Week Seven

Week Eight

Week Nine

Week Ten

Summer was approaching and the numbers were beginning to die down so we decided to call it quits but it certainly was fun while it lasted. Big thanks to the Laytons for giving their time and effort for the cause and thanks also to everyone who turned up along the way to help make the nights a success.

Here are Steve with Funda and Francesca demonstrating how it should be done.

Salsa Invitations and Updates

Here are a few of the invitations I sent out on facebook to try and drum up the numbers for that particular week.


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