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Saklikent (28)

Last Wednesday it was my friend Sevinç’s Birthday, so Pat suggested we go to Saklikent for the day. In all my years of living in Antalya I had yet to visit there, and as I am always up for an adventure it seemed like a good idea to me.

First stop was a visit to a local garage to get Pats spare tyre fixed. The road up to Saklikent has many a pot hole and the last thing you want is to be stuck halfway up a mountain through your own stupidity . So Pat took sensible precautions to avoid a severe tongue lashing if indeed we did get a burst tyre.

It was interesting to see a young lad working away hard at the garage. Puts me to shame really.  While this was taking place Ellen and I went to get some snacks from a roadside Simit place where the owner berated me but complimented Ellen over our Turkish abilities. Fair enough really, as I have lived here 5 years and she has only been here 2 years.

After the tyre was sorted we headed off up the mountain but stopped off at a Lake near the start of the climb. There were a group of guys there whose mode of Transport was one of the old Dolmuş buses.  It wasn’t in the best of nick but it done the job so to speak.

One of the things I love about living in Turkey is that people don’t need much of an invitation to dance. When we started dancing to their music that was blasting out of a car stereo they were quick to join in, and in typical Turkish hospitality style they asked us to join them at their barbeque.  We declined though as we wanted to get to Saklikent before sundown.

The drive up the mountain took about an hour and a half and was spectacular.  I took lots of photos on the way up, but most of them never done the scenery justice so I haven’t posted that many of them.  Sometimes you just have to be there in person to get the full effect, but in saying that I am sure you still get the flavour.

We had a good time on the way up there. I had brought my portable party player, as usual, with lots of hits for us to sing along to. You will hear it in the background of some of the clips in the video.

One of the things the tourist sector likes to advertise about Antalya is that you can Ski in the morning and then swim in the sea in the afternoon. Well, today was one of the few days that would be possible, as it was quite warm at sea level before setting off and the snow had just started to melt.  At one point on the climb up we had to go through a river which I imagine could be quite powerful as the hotter weather starts to really melt the snow.

When we got there the question arose, ‘What are we to do here if we don’t Ski?’ The answer of course was to take the Ski Lift anyway as there is bound to be a place up the top of the mountain to have a cup of tea and enjoy the view, as indeed there was.

The Ski Lift cost 10TL each and I have to say I didn’t feel entirely comfortable on it as it looked a bit rickity to me, but it done the job.  Ellen reassured me by saying that if we fall it isn’t a big enough drop to kill us, which didn’t settle my nerves that much.

On arriving at the top Sevinç started to eat some fresh snow and offered me some to sample. For some reason I thought this was a good idea too and after my light snack I thought ‘Sod this, it’s snowball time’ and launched one at Pat.

He of course retaliated and the Celtic children were on the loose once again.

We enjoyed some tea and chocolate in the Cafeteria before heading back down on the Ski Lift.  I was rather excited to touch ground again as you will see in the video.  I must be getting old as in the past these things wouldn’t worry me at all.

We were by this time feeling peckish and we decided to have a meal in the restaurant. I had a mushroom omlette which was ok, and Ellen had sucuklu yumurta (sausage and eggs),but when Pat and Sevinç’s spaghetti bolognese arrived I wish I had ordered that instead as it looked really yummy. It was then time to leave.

On the way back to Antalya I spotted a Sarcophagus on the side of the road and so I popped out for a quick inspection of the area.  There were a few other ancient remains there but not enough to make a tourist site out of.

All that fresh air had made us tired and so Ellen and I had a good rest before joining Sevinç’s birthday party a little later than we said we would. That will be the topic of our next post here….so stay tuned.

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  • Yvonne
    June 12, 2012

    I have been to Saklikent, but remember the place as a shallow fast flowing river, lined with restaurants tree houses and wooden platforms with people camping. Sadly we could not walk through the deep gorge there as it was closed due to a pending storm. Your video showed another aspect of Saklikent, which I enjoyed

  • Ellen
    June 12, 2012

    Wow, that doesn’t sound like what we saw at all. When were you in Saklikent?

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