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A couple of months ago I was in my favourite bar in Antalya, Adı Bar when Doğan Sakin the guitarist of a famous Turkish Rock band came in. Everyone else in the pub got very excited but I played it cool, assuming they were not very good. As the night progressed I got introduced to him and despite the fact that he knows about as much English as I do Turkish, bearing in mind I have lived in a Turkish speaking country for 4 years and he hasn’t lived in an English speaking one, period, we managed to have a good laugh together though the Whisky haze. Well, it helps doesn’t it?

There was one quite comical moment when I was saying to him that I could make a Anvil style documentary about Kramp which he didn’t take very seriously and so I said “I could make you famous” which he found highly amusing to begin with as he is already famous, but Kramp don’t exactly have the same pulling power as say The Rolling Stones for instance.

You see, the barman told me that this guy was the Turkish Jimi Hendrix, so I thought, hold on there is money to be made here somewhere. I don’t know where but I’ll try anything. So I empathised with the fact that he is an struggling artist and that he deserves better financial rewards for his efforts. I have found that Turkish people like it when you offer them money. I then told him that I am doing an internet marketing course online that is cutting edge and so far it is loosing me hundreds of pounds but the skills you learn within it earn you tens of thousands of pounds….allegedly.

I said, when I get more than zero subscribers to my newsletter I will send out a newsletter to my avid fans informing them of Kramp gigs and the like. It will be brilliant. What did he have to lose? He was up for it, so it was, game on. I told his friend I would find a place for them to gig in Antalya and I would promote it through my not very heavily trafficked YouTube website, Facebook and Twitter accounts and then interview them and film the gig.

So I emailed a friend of mine who owns a beautiful bar here in Antalya at the local 5 star tennis club and heard nothing back from her. So that was that plan up the spout. Luckily though I was back in Adi Bar twice a week for the past two months so I heard that Kramp were playing a gig at the bar next door, The Rock Bar. “Superb”, I thought, “I will get to get my photo taken with a famous rock star after all, maybe that will get me a subscriber. Oh, and we’ll get to see how good this guy really is.” I had actually saw many YouTube clips of them so I knew they were not too Heavy Metal for my Soul Music ears but I had no idea how much I would enjoy the gig and how great the band actually are. Shock-o-rooney!!!

Cause up until now I thought all Turkish music sounded like this. Which isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong but it is not quite in the same ballpark as this. The band were supposed to start at 8.30pm and I got there early cause I didn’t want to get locked out due to health and safety regulations regarding the massive crowd obviously. (Disclaimer: Turkish bars allows follow every government law religiously….with a pinch of salt.)

It turns out that the gig didn’t start to 11.30pm in the hope that more people than the band and a few local metal heads and me would turn up. They didn’t. Unfortunately for the band the crowd was sparse. It was great for you and me though as I got to stand front and centre for the entire gig while shoving my camera in their face and record it all for our viewing pleasure. I had waited outside the Rock Bar huddled around a pretty decent bonfire inter-sped by trips to the store for another bottle of Efes. Let’s just say I had had quite a few by the time the band came on and it doesn’t take much to get me pissed these days anyway as my friends will vouch for, still for a middle aged Scottish man I done not too bad.

At the time I can remember trying to be very artistic with my camera work because I one of my favourite movies of all time is The Last Waltz and so like Martin Scorsese I have an idea of what a director is looking for while making a documentary about a famous rock concert. When I woke up the next day, I dreaded to look at the video because I thought I had blown it by using too many early psychedelic era television effects or rather just the one, zoom in fast, zoom out fast but doing it repeatedly throughout the gig cause at the time I thought it was groovey.

When I did get around to watching them when I was in the right frame of mind and I thoroughly enjoyed it. On the last video you can hear me talking to Zein, the bands manager about how we can promote the band to make money. I think the band were trying to play another song in the background but we were talking over them. LOL. I have included it to let you hear my reaction to hearing them live and I am glad to say I still feel that way.

They deserve more recognition so why don’t you tweet this post and help make Kramp famous. (Disclaimer 2: I did not sign a contract with Zein so at present I am getting zero commission, I just hope they remember me when they hit the big time.) If you wish to book Kramp to play at a gig anywhere in Turkey if you let me know I can arrange it for you or pass on Zeins contact details if you prefer. I hope you enjoy the gig in full and remember to tweet it if you think other people will find this post interesting. Cheers.

Song One

Song Two

Song Three

Billy And Zein (Kramp Manager)

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