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So I had seen my friend Rusty James perform at Khoffner Bar a couple of weeks before but I didn’t have enough money for more than one beer so I left early. I learned that the duo he performs in, Rock Heart play there every Sunday and Monday so I promised him I’d be back.

I went along on Monday night with enough for two beers so I could really relax and enjoy their set. They played some Bob Marley and The Eagles amongst others before their break.

Rock Heart (17)

I went upstairs during their interval to check out the Karaoke scene and there was one young lad who was very entertaining and giving it his all regardless of what others thought, like what you are supposed to do in Karaoke. 🙂

I went downstairs and sat down in the Garden chairs with Rusty and his Rock Heart partner. She had a Homer Simpson T-Shirt on and I told her that I used to have the same job as Homer. She was very keen to let me know that Homer wasn’t her type of man though and that she likes Funny men. I said, Homer was funny just not in the way that she meant. 🙂

Rock Heart (15)

It was soon time for them to start the second half of their show but when we went back inside there was no-one sitting there, so I had Rock Heart all to myself. They asked me if I liked The Beatles and I said sure and so they played Let It Be.

Then they asked if I had a request so I had a look through Rusty’s song book and stopped when I came to Be Bop A Lula. That was good enough for me. I had a dance in front of the band and after I tired myself out I took a seat.

Rusty then said he would play a Scottishman in New York but when he came to the chorus, I shouted out A Scottishman in Antalya! So that is what it was for the rest of the song as I went up to the stage area and shouted it out every time, just to make sure.

He asked me if I had anymore requests, so I said, ‘Can I play a song?’. He wasn’t expecting that. I took the guitar and fumbled around with it for 8 minutes or so.

Rock Heart (23)

Rusty was obviously impressed as he gave me the Devil’s Horns!

Rock Heart (25)

Here are a few Rock Heart songs with my performance at the end.

After their set, I joined Rusty upstairs to listen to some Karaoke. I looked around but didn’t think the crowd would appreciate my screaming so I managed to resist going for the mic up there, even though a couple of waiters came across to shake my hand after they recognised me from my other ‘performances’ there. 🙂

Here are some Russian ladies singing along to Russian Karaoke.

Rock Heart (21)

At about 2am, we decided to call it a night. Rock Heart are very enjoyable and they play a number of the old favourites that the expats love so check out their facebook page to keep up to date of when they are playing.

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