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My last night of the Holiday coincided with Rob Emmett’s going away party. He has been the Quizmaster at Shaker’s Pub for well over a year and so he held one final one starting at 8pm.

However, I don’t like being reminded how bad my general knowledge is so I usually turn up after the quiz is finished for the socialising element.  So I walked around town and was talking to Munir who owns Mr Blues Bar when Alina appoached me to ask for directions to the harbour. Well, being the gentleman that I am, I offered to walk her down there. Just before she joined her group for a boat tour I told her about the party at Shakers and she said she would join us later.

shaker night out (24)

When I arrived the Quiz had just finished and people were heading upstairs for the Karaoke. I felt a bit like The Queen as as soon as I had said Hello to one person there was another behing them waiting to greet me. It was great to see them all again and again it made me wonder why I left. Sometimes you have to leave a place to appreciate it.

I eventually made my way upstairs where there was a movie of photos being played of Rob’s highlights in Antalya which was really well put together and fun to watch. Then it was time for Karaoke.  Tim and Rob kicked it off and it just so happened I had brought my wigs, so I threw them in their direction and off they went.

shaker night out (37)

I to sing a song of course, but I really can’t believe that I chose A Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin.  I have never sang it before and it is not easy to say the least. Especially for someone like me who can’t carry a tune in a bucket.  It was pretty disasterous but fortunately I got a second bite at the Cherry when Yilmaz suggested I sing Johhny Be Goode which I made a decent stab of shouting my way through although it was quite difficult to keep up with the lyrics after 4 or 5 beers.

The last song of the evening was for Rob and was ‘I bet you had the time of your life’.  A few of us joined in with him to help give him a proper send off.

shakers king bar parties (4)

For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow. Hip Hip Hooray!

shakers king bar parties (21)

This young Lady wasn’t too impressed with the attention of the camera, which made hanging around myself and Tim quite burdensome I’m sure.

shakers king bar parties (11)

Male bonding at it’s finest.

shakers king bar parties (39)

Brian with his lovely Turkish girlfriend Elif getting some good value from the props.

shaker night out (112)

Sevinç had taken me for a birthday dinner and to an Opera just before I left and so it was especially pleasing to see her again as we had both missed each other. She is always good fun and just like me, loves getting her photo taken.

shaker night out (115)

The first Tequila of the night. It always seems like a good idea but once I start it is usually a slippery slope.

shaker night out (35)

Another pair of my oldest Antalya friends Michael and Serap. There is usually Tequila involved when I see them.

shaker night out (156)

After Shakers we made our way to King Bar but it was a bit quiet so I suggested going to the small ampitheatre which is located close by and I had my music box to get the party going. Tim even managed to get a guitar at one point.

shakers king bar parties (59)

In my previous blog I posted a photo of this guy who I met at the beach when he had his Bongo.  There were a group of guys singing at the Ampitheatre and so I went to introduce myself and got a surprise to see him again.  We ended up dancing and singing together for quite some time.

shaker night out (204)

We went back to King Bar for a few hours and then it was time to get a Taxi.  I said Goodbye to my new friend Alina and then shared a taxi with Aynur, dropping her off on my way back home.

shaker night out (180)

It was a great night and I made my mind up then that I have to move back to Antalya.  I love it there and most of all I miss my son a lot and so I am now making plans to do just that.



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