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I have mentioned in a couple of previous blogs that a new bar called Road House had opened in Kaleici in the year I had been away.

roadhouse bar chat night (4)

I felt it was my duty to visit the place a few times and in doing so I got friendly with a few of the regulars there. This is Emre, who is the lead singer and guitar player for one of the regular bands there called Funk Floyd. A really nice guy who couldn’t have been more helpful when I was enquiring about the possibility of putting on a show at Road House.

roadhouse bar chat night (10)

Here I am with Tügce, who is one of the Garson’s at Road House and who always has a smile to greet you with, well, she greets me with one anyway. 🙂

roadhouse bar chat night (15)

I can’t remember the name of this band but I did dance to a few of their songs, so they must have been alright.

roadhouse bar chat night (12)

I met this young lady from Switzerland that night. She was only here for a few days holiday with her friend but her friend wasn’t feeling well that night, so she was out alone. Let’s just say we were well aquainted by the end of the evening.

roadhouse bar chat night (14)

I went back a couple of days later and this was the band who were playing. I can’t remember their name either but they played 3 Pink Floyd songs in a row so they went down well with me.

Road House Bar 2 (1)

There were a group of ladies from a few different Scandanavian countries sitting at the table beside me and I got chatting to them inside the bar and even joined them outside as they went for a smoke. I had a good laugh with this coloured lady with men’s equipment being the main topic of discussion and before you say anything, no I hadn’t showed her mine.

Road House Bar 2 (6)

The third time I went there that week I met Ferhan and Deniz so I joined them for a couple of beers and a good laugh.

road house 3 (1)

Then I bumped into the female Ferhan, with her friend Mohammed. He said to me, ‘I have seen you on facebook many times. You like to take selfies’. It just so happened that my camera was ready to fire so I took one of us there and then. I don’t like to disappoint.

road house 3 (2)

Just before I left I met the Swiss lady again, so I joined her in knocking back a Tequila. Then I hit the road, satisfied that I had made myself well known at the new bar in town.

road house 3 (5)

If you are in Antalya you should check it out as it seems to be where the action is, well between 10pm to 1am anyway.

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