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The great thing about having transportation is being able to go off the beaten track, so one Sunday afternoon I asked Ellen if she fancied going for a ride on my motorbike for a picnic beside a river.

To get there, you take the road out of Konyaalti heading towards Kemer and at the first set of traffic lights after Tepehome and the rest of the big shopping stores, you take the right.

This takes you past the entrance of the climb up the mountain heading towards the revolving restaurant and along a quiet country road that eventually deteriorates into a gravel road and that’s the cue to stop.

River Road

We had taken my son to the same spot during the Summer time but the river was dry but this time with all the rain we’ve had it was looking much healthier.

Healthy River

Although the climb down to this spot was a little bit tricky for oor Ellen,

Ellen Billy Waterfall (8)

I’m happy to say she made it down in one piece.

Ellen at Waterfall

We had a nice picnic and sat by the waterfall for an hour or so.  Listening to the running water and enjoying the scenery was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Billy at Waterfall

I’d just thought I’d post this quick blog to remind you that a little piece of tranquillity from the city and even just to spend time away from the computer is not that far away, and can help to recharge the batteries and bring back a sense of perspective.

This particular spot is actually fairly reachable by bicycle too, so you could even combine your outing with some exercise, if you are that way inclined.  Although, after the climb back up the hill to the bike, I think Ellen had all the exercise she needed.

Ellen tired at bike.

Although, in saying that she did go on a 20km hike a few weeks later which shocked the hell out of me. Just shows you what you can do if you put your mind to it…..or if you get stuck somewhere with no other option but to keep on keeping on.  Sounds a bit like life really. 🙂

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