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The second week of the King Bar Quiz proved to be a bit more busy than the first. It was good to see my Landlords Alison and Alper there although I couldn’t believe it when Alper was asking me to text him the answers!

I am British (for better or worse) and we play the white man (play fair) that’s why we lose at most things so I wasn’t about to help others cheat. If there was a big cash prize up for grabs and I got a cut then it could be different. 😉

Alper and Alison

Michael, Serap, Jo, Annika and their daughter were late arrivals. Jo seemed very happy to be there. They didn’t quite have enough knowledge between them though to do the all time greatest comeback.

quiz night 2 (1)

Jo asked me to play some Prince album tracks which I couldn’t even locate on Youtube. He told me he is a bit Prince fan and then produced a plectrum of Prince from his Wallet. I’m not usually impressed by such things, but on this occasion I did think that was pretty cool.

quiz night 2 (4)

Good to see oor Michael oot and aboot. I don’t even need to tell him to put his tongue out for a photo anymore, it just happens automatically.

quiz night 2 (12)

The young lass is a bit of a character and in fact for the last half hour of the evening I was playing music to keep her dancing. That’s where my extensive knowledge of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper came in handy.

quiz night 2 (15)

So it was a fun night and good to see people enjoy themselves. That pleases me most. Looking forward to next weeks quiz already. 🙂

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