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As he was new in town I went and met Rob a couple of months ago at a Konyaalti Beach Bar. Not long after we got there his friend Greg turned up. They had met each other in College and had now both came to be teachers at the new university that was recently opened in Kepez, a district on the outskirts of Antalya.

Rob the Quizmaster

We had a couple of beers and said we’d meet again.  I never had the chance until Rob organised a Quiz Night at Shakers Pub.  Apparently, this was something they used to do to pass the time in college.  In fact, by Rob’s graceful quiz hosting mastery I had to ask Greg if he was an old hand at it, to which I got the affirmative response.

The first week we held it there were enough people for two teams of four.  My team threw me the gauntlet of having to come up with the team name because they said ‘you are the comedian’.  So I came up with ‘The Bawbags’.  It got a laugh which was the desired result and Rob milked it for a few more chuckles when  Banu came along halfway through the quiz he apologised for her having to join The Bawbags.

Billy and Banu

Predictably, the the bawbags lost, although let’s just say it was not without controversy. Rob says he researches the questions thoroughly and the answers not so much and after the final question debacle I’m inclined to believe him.

The topic was endurance and the question was “Which animal can travel the furthest and longest with a land speed of between 16-20 miles per hour for 20 hours?”.

Granted, our answer of Elephant was probably not even close to being right, but the Gypsies got it right with the answer ‘A human’ .  Apparently the quizmasters answer is undebatable but we gave it a shot anyway.

Our point was that a human can’t run at that speed for that long. Rob said they can run up to that speed and at a slower speed they can run for 20 hours and therefore that was that. End of.  Fair enough, time to get some more beers in.

It was good to socailise and get to know the Americans a bit more though.  I especially enjoyed Loren’s ‘take no prisoners, you’re going down’ approach to the quiz.

Billy and Loren.

Yeah, Yaşar, very funny. 🙂

Here is a video I made of the photos put to a poem with a brief clip of the final question disagreement included. 🙂

Towards the end of the Quiz, Kevin and Vicky arrived.  Kevin was as shocked as me that the Bawbags hadn’t won.

Kevin, Vicky and Billy

I had met them fairly recently and had told them where we were.  The majority of the group were going to go to another bar to watch Galatasary play in the Champions League but as Kevin had arranged to meet some other friends of mine, Dey Da and Candan, I went with them to Ayyaş Bar instead.

Upon arriving I met an old canine friend of mine called Buddy.  He sometimes used to come into Adı Bar to hang out but I think Ayyaş is his old favourite.

Billy and Bobby

I also met another good friend of mine, Ferhan who I had not seen for ages, so that was nice.

Billy and Ferhan

Then we compared our holey shoes.

Billy and Ferhan Holey Shoes

I either need to buy a new pair of those Ottoman Slippers or get these old but comfortably worn in ones fixed.  They have lasted me well though and can’t complain that they are falling to bits.

As we were sitting with the three ladies listening to the Turkish Folk Band,

Ayyaş Bar Band

Kevin said, ‘If you dance Billy, I’ll dance.’  He didn’t bargain for me going into ‘Turkish Bellydance’ mode and after I finished he refused to dance on the grounds that ‘it would be like following Michael Jackson’.  Hee hee.

I then had a good chat with Dey Da which culminated in a nice hug.

Billy and Dey Da

And the photos from that night.

One Week Later

I went back a week later and this time was fortunate to be in a team of three lovely ladies, Ellen, Colleena and Kayla

Billy, Ellen, Colleena and Kayla

Sorry about the tongue Colleena. It’s an old habit.

Again, I had to come up with the name. It wasn’t one of my best but we were The Crazy Sisters.  Colleena, pointed out that I was ‘a brother’ but I said ‘no, I am a sister. I’m honoured to have been inducted into various Girls clubs’.  They were impressed that I took such joy at this but I just said ‘Of course. Women are where it’s at and the sooner the Sisters wake up to that the better for everyone’.  🙂

Thankfully they have some brains as well as their inherent beauty because I didn’t know much of the answers myself. I did my job by being ‘the scribe’, writing their answers down and shuttling them to Rob.

Rob the Quizmaster

The frustrating thing was for three questions at least, one of us had said the answer and then we went with another one.  I hadn’t a clue either way.

There were more teams this week with four teams of four.  It was good to see Uwe there who I hadn’t seen since the Antalya Gentlemans Meeting which was one of the first blogs I put on this site over 5 years ago.

Billy, Uwe and Ersin

Ersin lives for the tongue more than I do!

Loren’s team won again.  I think she may be paying off the quizmaster in beer but I have no evidence to back up that claim. I just know that she likes to win and Rob likes beer so I see a connection.

I hadn’t taken many photos and so grabbed a few folks for a big team photo as they were leaving.

Pub Quiz Team

I then went and chatted to Brian, who like Danny last week was wearing a Grandad cap, which I love.  I have one in Scotland that I found in Edinburgh Airport car park. I’ll need to bring it back with me next time I go there although I’m guessing it won’t sit to well on my head underneath all my hair.  Still, looking ridiculous has not stopped me wearing certain articles of clothing in the past.

Billy and Brian

Of course, the fact that he was sitting with three beautiful Turkish ladies had nothing to do with the fact I went to his table. 😉

Three Beautiful Turkish Ladies

They said I was a ‘half pervert’ for asking if I could take their picture.  So I told them I was a full pervert and demonstrated how so by my next photo.

Under the Ladies Table.

Of course, at this point I had to get a little closer to them, so I used my tongue to gain traction.

Billy and Ladies Tongues.

Rob was feeling a bit left out of the tongue action so we had a photo with him. Ellen demonstrated how a real Lady should behave. 😉

Rob, Billy and Ellen

Here is the all the photos from that night.

Last Week’s Quiz

Unfortunately I couldn’t make last weeks one but I wouldn’t be surprised if Loren’s team won again.  I had met a few of the Americans a couple of nights prior to it and when she asked if I was going to the quiz, I said ‘probably,if only so I can whip your ass’.

Americans and Turks at Shakers

She said, that I may be in her team and thus won’t be able to whip her ass.  Hopefully the next time I will be, because it’s probably the only chance I think I have of being in the winning team.

Mind you, I have a feeling if I don’t come up with enough right answers myself that she will ‘whip my ass’ with a branch from one of the garden trees.  Yep, she plays to win and hell mend anyone who gets in her way. 😉

So, looking forward to the next one.  Keep an eye on the Events Calendar for details of when the Quiz is on and other events that the social group organise.


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