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I was hanging out at Dakota’s apartment with Miguel and Enwar but had to leave to pick up Aynur after she finished her course. They asked if I was coming back and I said I would talk to Aynur about it, perhaps she wouldn’t be that keen to sit and listen to some guys talk bollox all night.

Then Miguel suggested playing Pool so I thought, yeah she would be into going somewhere so I told them I would meet them an hour later at the Tenpin Bowling arcade where the Pool tables are located.

Once there we formed two teams, Dakota and myself against Enwar and Miguel and we got straight into the action.

Pool Night

Although Aynur was happy to go to the Pool Hall, what she didn’t realise was that she would be sitting reading the drinks menu instead of actually playing pool. At least she had some free Popcorn to keep her hands busy.

Pool Night

It was quite a tense affair but my team came out on top 4-2, due to in part a quite sublime double on the black that I potted to go 2-1 ahead.

Pool Night

At one point I did let Aynur take one shot for our team (when we were 4-1 ahead) and she almost fluked one into the middle bag. So that was her excitement taken care of, then she could return to her table. I’m not all bad.

Then it was time for a quick team photo before heading home.

Pool Night

There was some talk of a rematch so we’ll see if that comes to pass, in the meantime I’ll just keep polishing the Trophy.

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