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First Pool Competition

Janet Pool Competition

Back in the UK almost every bar you go into will have a Pool table but here in Antalya that is not the case, so as I hadn’t played in a while, I decided to organise a Pool competition. 

The first problem was that most of my Turkish friends on facebook thought I was organizing a swimming competition as their name for Pool is Bilardos. Once I cleared up the confusion I got a few interested parties and so announced the competition would be a at the local Ten Pin Bowling alley where they also have quite a few Pool tables.

However, the common place to play pool here is in what they call Bilardo venues which usually have about 8-12 American style Pool tables and a couple of what we in the UK would call Billiard tables.

Apparently Billiards is known as Carom Billiards and Turkey had a famous World Champion Semih Sayginer who was known as Mr Magic and The Turkish Prince.  If you watch the clip below you will see why.

As you can see that type of Billiards doesn’t have any pockets and requires quite a lot of skill to control the white ball so precisely, so obviously we played the American style pool tables.

The good thing about the American Style tables compared to the British is that the pockets are bigger and so having been brought up playing on the smaller tables, then the American ones seem a bit easier to me. 

There was quite a good turn out for the first competition I organized and we even had a couple of ladies there who hadn’t played Pool before at all.  

The bigger pockets didn’t help me much in the competition I entered as not long into my game against Michael, I potted the black and that was that.  It turned out the eventual winner was Serap, who beat Michael in the final.  

Nobody was more surprised than Serap herself. She must have used her all her skill and talent to ensure Michael potted the black. 

Serap Beating Michael in Pool Competition Final.

Here are all the photos from the first competition.

Second Pool Competition

The second Pool night I organized was a more relaxed affair with only about Six people turning up but it was still an enjoyable evening nonetheless. 

Janet, who was one of the ladies who hadn’t played before, came back for some more.  She really enjoys playing and she actually won a game without potting a ball, when Alison had potted all of hers and then sunk the black but the white rolled in. So what would have been a ‘Granny’ turned into a victory. 

The winner of the second night was Janet’s husband John. 

John the winner of Pool Competition 2

It only costs 5TL to hire a table for an hour so it is an extremely cheap and fun way to spend some time with friends, especially during the winter when the weather is not so good.

Here’s the photos from the second night.

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Couchsurfer Pool Competition

The next time I played Pool was when a Couchsurfer called Chris invited me to join him and his friends for a beer in a pub known as Gizli Bahçe (The Secret Garden ) in Kaleici.

After a couple of beers the conversation turned to Pool as there are a couple of tables in a bar called Rockbul which sits just opposite Gizli Bahçe and so we went there for a game.

As it turns out I only played one guy, Ogur, and the rest of the group were content to watch the battle.  

Billy and Ogur playing Pool

I triumphed 3-2 in the end but we spent much of our time debating the rules. 

Here are some of the differences.

1) If you pot an opponents ball I said the opponent gets two shots. Ogur thinks only one as the opponent has alreadygot an advantage from having the ball sunk.

2) If there is a foul shot but the white doesn’t go in, I say you take the shot from where the white is but Ogur thinks you can move it anywhere on the table.

3) If you pot a ball in a pocket you didn’t mean to, I say continue as normal and take your next shot but Ogur thought that was your shot over as you didn’t mean to pot it. 

4)  After the white has been potted, I say you have to place the ball in the bulk end and hit the white ball up the table but Ogur says you place it in the bulk end but hit it any direction.

I am sure there were a few more that I can’t remember.  I think number one sounds reasonable but I prefer my version to his but that’s probably just because that is what I am used to.  We found a way to compromise though and enjoyed the game.  

It was also cheap to play there, and they play MUCH better music there than what you get at bowling alleys’s and at only 5TL for a draught beer in Rockbul it is certainly a good way to pass time in Kaleici.

Here are all the photos from that evening with the Couchsurfing crew.

Teaching my son to play Pool

Recently my son asked me to take him Ten Pin Bowling and after it I suggested playing some Pool with him.  I wanted to get some practice in before my next game whenever that may be.  

Ellis Pool

He has a long way to go before he reaches the peaks that his father has attained but he did show some signs of promise. I’ll need to get him a pool table one day for his house, if only to keep him away from wasting time on the Wii console. Instead he can have a proper childhood hitting balls around a real table instead of a digital one.

Lads Pool Competition

Battle of the Losers

Caner had recently came back from Cambodia for a couple of weeks but was heading off to Australia soon after, so Kevin and I met up with him or a game or two. Kevin was working late so Caner and I started without him. I won 7-1 and the game Caner won was because I potted the black!

By the time Kevin showed up Caner had had just about enough Pool for one night. Kevin had a good laugh at the scoreline and then I proceeded to beat him 9-1 and again, I potted the black for his victory. Sometimes with just the right amount of alcohol I get into the zone and that was one of those nights. In saying that though, anyone who could really play pool well would probably beat me quite heavily so I chose not to rub it in their faces TOO much. 😉

If anyone reading this is in Antalya and fancies a game sometime, please do let me know and perhaps I can organise another competition. 


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