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We hadn’t had a Pool night for a while so I arranged to play Dakota and Alper. Alison came along to support her man, not expecting him to win of course, just going by his track record alone.

pool night (3)

It also, gave me an excuse to get a Learning Turkish book back from Alper which he had borrowed to study some techniques he can use for teaching some expats in the future. Despite the fact that I do have other learning Turkish books and programs on my computer I was using the excuse that he had the best one, so I didn’t have to study. Well, he brought it with him and so I now have no excuse. I need to get my finger out as after 7 years here it does get a bit embarrassing when you can only speak pigeon Turkish.

At Ceyda’s wedding recently Michael said to me he can speak Fluid Turkish….or any other language for that matter. It basically means he knows how to order beer in whatever country he is in, which is about as fluid as it gets.

I had arrived at the Pool on time but no-one else was there and in the 15 minutes I waited I think I played my best Pool of the evening but maybe some other factors came into play that I found it hard to deal with, like Alper’s luck!

On his first break he potted two balls and that was him off and running for the evening. He won a few games with Dakota and myself potting the Black and others with a few fluke shots on the way. When you hit the balls as hard as he does there is a chance that one of them will drop. Alison kept telling him to go gentle but as usual he didn’t listen.

Pool, Basketball and Air Hockey

Dakota had more than a few shots on the Black in every game he played but under pressure he cracked, not that Alper or myself weren’t trying our best to put him off.

Pool, Basketball and Air Hockey

Alper did pot quite a few good shots as well, so it wasn’t all luck and in the end he was the deserved winner although you don’t know how hard it is to write that. 🙂

Pool, Basketball and Air Hockey

We then went to the games area where Alper had a stack of tokens that we hadn’t used from our last visit there when they gave us a load of free ones because we had played Pool, Tenpin and Bowling and drank a lot.

We had an Air Hockey competition and although it is not my chosen sport I did manage to come out on top, beating Alison in the final. So at least I recovered some resemblance of pride and my wounded ego felt a little better.

Pool, Basketball and Air Hockey

We then played some basketball. Dakota said he had scored over 200 at it before so he felt like this was his chance to shine. First of all though he shared the stage with Alper as the two of them had a few attempts to beat the 250 High Score.

Pool, Basketball and Air Hockey

Eventually they managed with a score of 330. Well done Boys!

Pool, Basketball and Air Hockey

But you didn’t quite manage to get up to this guys level.

We then had an individual round of basketball each and Dakota did manage to emerge victorious on that one, so all the Boys had one victory under their belt and we went home with our manhood intact. Alison was a gracious loser. She did beat Alper at Air Hockey so I’m sure she wouldn’t have let Alpers big head about the Pool and the Basketball High Score get to her too much back home. 🙂

Pool, Basketball and Air Hockey

It was a fun evening and I will organise some more in the months to come. I look forward to regaining my Pool crown. 😉

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