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Sevinç likes to visit Phaselis every now and again with her Mother and this time Kevin and his wife Vikki were joining her. They invited me and I brought my son along also.

It was September and although it was still hot the beach was quite quiet which gave us plenty of room to play beach tennis and believe me we needed it.

Phaselis Beach

My son kept Kevin busy by swimming for wayward balls mainly. Occasionally he got to try and catch one.

Phaselis Beach

Ah well, at least the view was nice.

Phaselis Beach

My son with his Hibernian Baseball Cap on. Got to brainwash them early. 😉

Father and Son

I’ve always wanted to lick a giant cone…. and fortunately we found this one in Kemer when we stopped there for an Ice Cream on the return journey..

Time for an ice cream!

Kevin got a bit excited getting his photo taken with Sevinç’s mother.

Three Generations

Another great day out in the Antalya region. There were ancient ruins to see there also but I had been there a few times and didn’t bother walking around them this time.

The Photos

On a sad note, the people of Antalya are having to protest about a proposed hotel being built on the Phaselis location. Makes you wonder eh.

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