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I had not seen Caroline for a while and so when Pat invited me to his Garden Party I went to meet her and her friend for a drink beforehand. She talked to me about a business idea that I may well have went with, if I hadn’t already decided to leave Antalya. Who knows, if she suggested it earlier I could maybe have stayed there but it was not to be. Still good to see her again.

pats_garden_party (1)

Then it was round to Pat’s house for the party. His wife Latife was out the town and he had two mates across from the UK visiting him and I managed to restrict myself from acting the clown too early, but eventually my silly nature took over…

pats_garden_party (4)

I had brought my music and a good little party was brewing up with Nicko, Don and Arzu there to join in the fun.

pats_garden_party (9)

Before you knew it, I had suggested King Bar and the party moved there….although Pat didn’t make it, his mates did. See that guy with the mean face in the photo below. Whatever you do, don’t talk to his women. I done that and was threatened with violence and after checking out his physique, I didn’t argue. Still, prick.

pats_garden_party (45)

Every so often I bump into Murat, who I knew from Adı Bar days. He usuallys says ‘You am true Rastaman’, which cheers me up and I say, ‘I promise to learn Turkish soon so we can talk properly’, but I never do.

pats_garden_party (46)

As it was still early for the King Bar posse to arrive we had the place to ourselves, which was good as we had drank enough to utilise it well.

pats_garden_party (57)

As you can see in this photo in particular! Who’s idea was it to Limbo?

pats_garden_party (79)

Don is a good man for the funny faces and Arzu is usually up for a laugh so plenty fun was had. Another cracking night in Kaleici.

pats_garden_party (92)

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