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I visted Oledeniz in Turkey with my wife who was recovering from a stress issues at the time where all day long you watch people Paragliding onto the landing area on the beach.  For some reason we thought that jumping off a 6000 feet high mountain would be a good idea to help her recover. Actually, she was fine, it was me who got a bit nervous up there because beforehand I was trying to be the big man and was telling my instructor to do all the loop the loop tricks that I saw him doing from the safety of my beach towel the day before.

However, when I was air bound I told him in no uncertain terms that he better not try anything smart or he will have a basketcase on his hands. Oh, how my wife laughed. She was holding the video camera so you can see me in this video quite a lot as I float down to the ground.  It was a truly amazing experience and one to which the video can only point to.  If you are in the area please make the effort to go and do it yourself, you will absolutely love it. 

I will leave it up to you if you want to ask your guide to do the stunts however as you may be a bit braver than me.

The Photos

I went back a number of years later as Nob Stewart and done it again and this time the pilot didn’t even ask me if I wanted him to do any stunts. I guess that’ll teach me for dressing up like a psycho, people think you are nuts!

I suggest you go in more normal clothing otherwise some pilots may think you are as crazy as they are. 😉

Antalya Paragliding

On my way to the town centre one day I spotted some Paragliders getting ready to take off at the end of the Tramline area on Konyaaltı Caddessi, so I jumped off my bike and made a video of them taking off…..eventually.

I am assuming they must be part of the Antalya Paragliding Club.  

If you are feeling brave why not check them out as they offer tandem rides. If you would like to learn how to do it yourself then you are in luck because the club is also a school for wannabe solo Daredevils.


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