Ottoman Shoes

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There is a fantastic shop in Kaleiçi which sells Ottoman shoes.

Ottoman Shoes

Here I interview with the owner of the shop, Hasan.

I went back a few months later and bought a pair for myself.

I went back a year or so later and bought my second pair.

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I can honestly say that I think they are great and if you are in Town and looking for a present to take home to someone they would certainly fit the bill as something authentic and practical.

The shop is located on the left as you come up the stairs having gone under Hadrians Gate from the Main Street.


These shoes which are only produced here in the world, date back from the Seljukians to the Ottomans. They are called Charik. All the things used in their manufacturing process including the leather and thread are hand made and there are no chemical substances used at all.

The leather is painted by the madder made of Ochre, tree and plant roots. The yarns are made of pure cotton and are waked in order to make them strong against water and dirt.


The soles are made of Ox and Buffalo leather and their surfaces are made of Calf leather. The leaves of the Vallonia tree remove the hair on the leather. The leaves and boughs of the sour tree are grinded in the mill and poured into a pool full of water.

Leather are put in and kept in the water for 15-30 days. During this time the essence in the leather is softened. The surface of the leather is oiled with hot natural oil after it is taken out of the water. Wool is used in the oiling process.


Madder and Ochre are used for dying. When the leather gets dry the paint is boiled so that it becomes light while it is warm.

The first coat is applied on the leather by felt. After it is dry the second coat is applied. They dying process finishes the leather and it is washed again. Sewing yarns are produced from pure cotton by hand. These yarns are waxed so they become strong against dirt and grime.


Black : Produced from soil. Red : A dried mixture of pomegranate leaves and sheeps blood!! Orange : Leaves and roots of pomegranate tree. Yellow : Obtained from the walnut and its leaves. Green : Produced from salt and roots of the Olive Tree. Purple and Blue : Obtained from Sea Sand and raw material of Glass Bead. Note: The products prevent Mycosis and Rheumatism.

If you would like to order a pair you can contact Hasan on on 0242 247 1540 or email direct at

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