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My friend Pat suggested going to Olympos for the day as our other friends Ferhan and Nur were planning to go.  Why not indeed?


On arriving we found a spot and soaked up some of the Sun’s rays even though it was still fairly early in the year it was hot enough for shorts and T-Shirts…..and beer. 😉

Olympos chillin'.

Time for some skimming action.

Pat Stone Throwing

Of course the Celtic boys had to show how tough we are by going in for a dip.

I went for a walk along the quiet beach with Ferhan. 

Olympos with Ferhan

And on arriving back had a good chat with Nur.

Olympos with Nur

This wasn’t my Artwork but I was impressed with it all the same.


I then took another walk, this time along to the adjacent town of Cirali where I bought some sausages then left it to the Turkish man to cook them and Nur to prepare the sandwiches which were lovely.  A great day out.

MMmmmm, Sausages!

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