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Ellen in Olympos

I had been to Olympos a few times before but my girlfriend at the time, Ellen, had never been so we decided to take a trip there for a couple of days.

Ellen in Olympos

Instead of getting the bus though we decided to travel by moped which took the best part of two hours. Let’s just say that we never went on that long a trip on it again as it wasn’t the most comfortable way to get there.

Billy in Olympos

I actually took an earlier turn off the road and instead of getting to Olympos we ended up in Cirali, the adjacent town.

Ellen in Olympos

It didn’t matter too much as you can walk along the beach to Olympos and we found a nice hotel in Cirali anyway.

Ellen in Olympos

We still went out to a restaurant for dinner in the evening though and of course as you can see above we had a good time exploring the ruins. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Billy and Ellen in Olympos

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