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So as I mentioned in the Nightswimming blog, Aynur had invited me to Olympos but I wasn’t sure if I could go due to financial restraints.

However, after spending all night on the beach nearly freezing to death with her I decided it would be nice to go and get to know each other better in more hospitable circumstances. She said her mother had a tent which we could use so at least it wouldn’t break the bank balance totally.

She had told her that there was a section of the beach at the Çıralı end where we could pitch the tent, which after about an hour’s walk, we did manage to find eventually.

What she didn’t tell her was that there were only had about 5 pegs for the tent, which was at least 3 short of the basic requirement. Still, I done the best I could and it did manage to stay up all night. 🙂

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We had a bit of a picnic and then headed toward the Olympos end of the beach, passing this boat on the way.

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Aynur wanted to show me some caves but we had to swim quite far to get to them and I didn’t want to leave all my camera equipment unattended, although I think they would probably would have been quite safe.

So as she went to check them out anyway, I stayed on the beach and continued reading Janey Godley‘s autobiography Handstands In the Dark, which was given to me by her publisher John Fleming after he came to see my show at the Edinburgh Fringe. I had said on stage that I should write a book about my life and he gave me hers and Malcolm Hardee’s Biography which he also published, to use for inspiration.

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On her way back Aynur had posed on this rock for some photos, so when she got to the beach I swam out and done the same, although granted, she did look a lot better than I did.

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We didn’t go to the main section of Olympos but instead went for a walk in the woods and came across a few less well observed ruins.

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For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to climb a tree. Anything for a daft photo, that’s me.

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We walked back along the beach and thought we had lost our tent as it took an age to get there. Eventually we found it, had a bite to eat and then went to sit on Cirali beach just as the Sun went down.

We saw a few shooting stars as I played some Barb Jungr albums that she had given to me after I had videod her shows at the Queens Hall. They were the perfect soundtrack for the occassion.

I can’t remember how it started exactly, but Aynur and I had a running joke that the Paparazi were following us. As we got a bit more intimate on the what we thought was a deserted part of the beach, we thought we saw some camera flashes but just put it down to our paranoia.

However, about 10 minutes later there was no denying it as a large flash, from which was obviously a camera, went off only 10 metres behind us!

We went to investigate what the hell was going on. This young guy said that we looked sweet together cuddling under the moonlight and wanted to capture our silouttes. Ok, fair enough, but he had kind of spoiled the moment and so we headed back to the tent, still in a bit of a state of shock.

As we approached what we thought was our tent, there were someone clearly inside it with a torch, and another guy stood outside it. I ran towards the tent but as I got to within 5 metres, I realised that it wasn’t our tent and that someone had pitched a tent in the dark, pretty close to ours.

Once I realised that I just said ‘Hello’ and tried to look cool as we walked to our tent. I don’t think I succeeded though and it took a while for Aynur and I to stop laughing about the shenanigans that had just unfolded.

I had quite an uncomfortable sleep because we only had a very thin one man matt as a mattress and being a gentleman I let Aynur have it. When the Sun came up it was like a sauna inside the tent it didn’t take long to become unbearable so we went for a swim/bath quite early that morning.

Early Morning

After a few hours relaxing on the beach and then in the shade under a tree we got the minibus up the hill to the main road to catch the bus back to Antalya.

We had half an hour to wait before it departed so we had a bit to eat and some fresh Ayran. I don’t know if the cool jug had a psycological effect but I have to say was the most delicious Ayran I have ever had.

olympos aynur (111)

Then we got the bus back to Antalya, which at only 10TL was pretty reasonable for a 70km trip. I don’t know if Aynur and I were officially boyfriend/girlfriend at this point but it was certainly heading in that direction.

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