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A few friends of mine (Mack, Annelies and Dinah) were going to Olympos for a couple of days over one night and I kind of invited myself along. Although I had been there a couple of times I had never stayed the night. I wanted to check out the nightlife and also relax on the beach for a while instead of just doing a quick tour of the ancient sites.

We stayed at a place called Deep Green Bungalows which were very nice. For only 35 Lira (£15)  you got a private bungalow, a three course evening meal and a buffet breakfast. It’s unbelievably good value in anyone’s eyes surely, even for a Scotsman like myself.

After a quick beer there we headed toward the beach, passing some of the Ancient Ruins on the way.  Dinah wanted to explore them a bit more, but as the sun was going to set in an hour or two we didn’t have the time. But we did get a few photos on the way.

Annelies was first in the water and I was in two minds whether or not to go in.  After another beer I decided the time had come.  I am so glad I did, because it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

The Sea was incredibly salty, which made it like a natural floatation tank.  I lay in the water and closed my eyes and for about 20 minutes I just totally relaxed completely.  I swear it was almost like a religious experience I had in there. When I opened my eyes the world looked and felt very different.  So I done it again for another 20 minutes.

I was calling Dinah and Mack in but they were too cool, I think.  Well, Dinah never had a towel so that was a good excuse.  I think they were just happy sitting on the beach without my music blaring beside them.

When I came out they asked me how the water was, but I couldn’t really put it into words.  I told them about a comedian called Joe Rogan who after his first floatation tank experience had one installed in his house, and how that led to my theory of why the people of Olympos settled there.  It was because they had discovered the healing properties floating like a cork on the water.  I don’t think they bought it though.

They then went back to the bungalow to get ready for the evening, but I stayed for another hour to listen to my music on the awesome Olympos beach without worrying if I was annoying anyone because my taste in music is not to everyone’s liking.  oh, and I play it loud too. 

I was wearing my Guitar shades and at one point I had my eyes closed but felt someone staring at me.  I opened my eyes to find three women hovering above me.  I looked at them and laughed and they laughed back. No words were necessary; it was a good moment.

Then a wasp started hovering around my feet and I couldn’t shake it off.  When a second one joined it I took it as a sign from the universe that I had better head back to the bungalow.  I knew Mack and Annelies were not going to eat at the accomodation, but Dinah was off the same mindset as me.  It was included in the price, so basically there was no other option.  She must have Scottish heritage somewhere in her ancestry.

As it turned out the wasps were right. After I had showered and changed I made my way to the eating area where Dinah was texting me to see where I was. Perfect timing.  I love going with the flow.  We found a good place to eat and sat down for a minute before realizing that it was a buffet service and no food would arrive by itself.

The meal was really good, although at the first bite the fish was a bit boney.  I managed to fillet it and enjoyed it after that.  We then had to get our photo taken with the Hindu Elephant Wall Carpet before sitting around the fire for a bit.

I am always up for an adventure, so I suggested we grab a couple of beers and head to the ruins to sample Olympos’ special ancient atmosphere at night under the moonlight.  I had my music player with me, so we were good to go. 

Annelies and Mack had finished their meal and were texting Dinah to find out were we were.  When she texted back that we were ‘at the ruins’ they thought that was an unusual euphemism to say the least. When we met them back at Deep Green that became the joke of the weekend.

“Were where you?”
“The Ruins”
“Oh Aye?”
“No, really”

Luckily for my reputation we took some pictures to prove it.  Although Mack said I have no reputation to protect after wearing Elton John shades in the daytime, and in the evening a shirt that looks like television interference.  I guess he had a point.

So then it was off to the nightclub for some more alcohol cause that’s what we needed at that time.  Dinah had actually bought a small bottle of Raki to drink at ‘the Ruins’ and she was doing a good job of polishing that off. Not bad for a Christian who doesn’t drink much. I certainly couldn’t drink that stuff.

Before we left Deep Green I asked Mack where the nightclub was, as I hadn’t seen any around. He said we were close to it.  He pulled out his Google IPhone thingy and showed me a map of exactly where we were and the path we had to take to the nightclub.  I am still amazed by the wonders of modern technology.  My phone is lucky to have a reception, and his leads you by the hand to any point in the world. Amazing.

We were one of the first in the nightclub. I have never been in such a spectacular one as that before.  It was open air but was built beside a mountain.  That, as well as the moon above it was really special.  Needless to say a few more beers, rakis and vodkas were sunk and it was time to hit the dancefloor.

I was first up because I knew I needed to sweat some alcohol out of me if I wanted to drink some more.  This is where Annelies came into her own.  She had only four weeks previously had a hernia operation and was walking around quite gingerly up to that point. I don’t know what she put in her drink but she lept from her seat and set the dancefloor alight with her cool dance moves.  I was most impressed and of course encouraged her greatly to give it whaldy.

The only slight disappointment of the trip was the music in the nightclub.  Maybe I am getting old.  Well, I am actually, no maybe about it as I turned 39 today. But anyway, the music sucked.  I can pretend I like music up to a point and then I just give up.  Just at the point I was ready to call it quits the DJ played Chubby Checker and the Fat Boys – Let’s Do The Twist.  For me that was the song of the evening and Dinah was up for a dance to that one as well.  However, Mack and Annelies were less complimentary about Chubby the following day.

To me it was a wasted opportunity. When you walk around Olympos during the day and evening all the bars and even the small shops play some great music. Then you go to a nightclub and they left the SOUL at the door.  The rest of the crew went home around 2am but I stayed for a while longer.  Then the DJ really wound me up by holding his hands in the air like he was some kind of superstar for playing that Kak.  It was at this point I had to leave.  I stopped for a kebab on the way home and got home around 4am, I think.

I managed to get up at 10:15, which gave me 15 minutes to make it for breakfast. Again, being Scottish I wasn’t going to miss out on that.  Dinah had already finished and was watching a television program about how the Japanese managed to make Green Tea sellable in a can.

Not long after Annelies and Mack joined us and we hit the road to Adrasan.  I forgot to mention that Mack’s Dog, Sam was also on the trip.  He is such a beautiful gentle dog but he gets car sick, as Dinah found out on the way there when the dog threw up on her.

So I had to do the gentlemanly thing and sit in the middle of the back seat with Sam sticking his head out of the window.  I had to watch out for any wretching as that is the signal to screetch to a halt so he can be sick.  However, Sam was the least of my worries as Dinah realized that perhaps drinking a bottle of Raki wasn’t such a great idea after all. Let’s just say that the 7 km from Olympos to Adrasan were quite worrisome.

The thing was though, with all that talk of who was going to be sick first, I started feeling sick myself.  We stopped off at a hotel, where Mack and Annelies have stayed before, to meet the owners for a quick chat which was lovely. It also gave Sam and Dinah the chance to recuperate a bit more.


Adrasan was lovely too.  It has a long beach and feels more spacious than Olympos. We had a meal and a couple of beers there before I done my floaty thing in the sea again. Again, it was awesome before we headed home.

Thankfully both Sam and Dinah held their sick in all the way, but Dinah wasn’t too impressed by Mack’s driving. He took the curves too fast, especially when he got into a disagreement with a Turkish driver, which led to Macks old Rally Driving skills getting put to good use again.

So, all in all it was a great couple of days and I think we need to organise another soon while the weather is still pretty hot here.  So we have until the end of November. Hee hee.

Sorry, that last comment was for all the people in Britain reading this blog. 😉

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  • Diana
    October 3, 2010

    I love this place as much as I love Antalya and Turkey!

  • admin
    October 4, 2010

    Thanks for your comment Diana. Yep, it sure is beautiful there. I can’t wait to go back. 🙂

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