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I had met Aynur at a few Expats events in the past including my open mic nights, halloween parties and a trip I went on to Karain Caves which she organised.

On that particular trip was the only time I really had much of a chance to talk to her apart from when I shared a taxi back to what I thought was here house, after Rob’s going away bash that I attended in June.

Billy and Aynur at Rob's party.

Although we had sent each other the odd message via facebook in the past, I was a bit surprised when she sent me a message saying that she had two weeks holiday and asking me if I would like to join her in Olympos. I think she asked a couple of other expats along too.

I said I wasn’t sure as I was a bit strapped for cash after spending most of the month since I arrived back in Antalya in the pub but I said she is welcome to join me on the beach at my usual spot that night.

She said she didn’t know if she had time as it was a bit late. I said it is only 8 o’clock, there is plenty of time and so we arranged to meet. I went to the beach and waited, thinking that she didn’t have far to travel and would arrive soon.

However, I forgot that her house was close to Karain Caves and that the house I dropped her off at after Rob’s party was her Grandma’s.

This meant I waited nearly 3 hours until she arrived, just as the last bus back to her place departed. I didn’t realise that either until she told me she had nowhere to sleep that night. I was going to take her back to Alison and Alpers place but Alison would have been asleep and I thought it a bit rude to take back a guest uninvited, even if she did have a Kimlik card to prove who she is.

aynur beach (1)

It would have maybe have been quiet a pleasant night to sit on the beach if we didn’t go for a swim but we had already done that by the time I realised that we were going to be there all night and my two t-shirts were pretty damp. On the plus side this meant we had to cuddle into each other to try and keep from freezing to death!

aynur beach (5)

We just about made it through until morning without catching pneumonia and I was never so glad to see the Sun come up.

BeFunky_aynur beach (13).jpg

Mind you, the cold was almost worth it as the colours in the sky that morning were absolutely beautiful.

BeFunky_aynur beach (14)b.jpg

A better camera than mine would do the scene more justice but I am sure you can pick up the vibe.

BeFunky_aynur beach (16).jpg

Around 8am I walked Aynur back to the bus stop and headed back to Alper and Alisons to explain to them what had happened. They told me I should have just brought her back.

However, I am glad I didn’t as you bond with someone fairly quickly through extreme cold conditions. 😉

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