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I’ve been living in Konyaalti in Antalya for over a year now and I’ve always wanted to visit the restaurant on top of the hill at the end of the beach so I arranged a trip there yesterday with my friend Leon which you can view below.

Here are some photographs of when I went back there with my son.


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  • Paul
    April 7, 2008

    By all means I understand the desire to visit that restaurant! And you’re lucky to have a motorbike/scooter!! 😉

    We got there last summer, when we had a hotel holiday in Beldibi, spanning across by birthday. So, on a day, we just took a bus to Antalya, and got off on what looked like a junction with a road leading there, hoping to get taxi or hitchhike from there, doing some walking to get us bootstrapped.

    And indeed, some guy stopped by, but told that he doesn’t go up the mountain, but down other road. Still, having gone another 50 meters, he stopped again and agreed to ride us up – my girlfriend wore really nice dress ;-)). He didn’t even want to take tip, but I gratified that good turk anyway ;-). It should be noted that you need to pay some small entry fee couple of times, but it goes towards your balance if order in the restaurant.

    And it indeed offers magnificient views! One note is that not every meal may be available all teh time – we hoped for some nice fish dish, but they didn’t have fresh fish in stock, so we ended up taking juice, beer, and fish salad ;-). Everything is served nice though, and the bear is really cold! 😉

    Another note is that it doesn’t revolve all the time – I don’t know if they have some schedule or start it based on occupancy – when we were they (~3pm, non-weekend), there were few visitors, it was possible to sit in privacy (nobody else on nearby tables till the rounding of circle 😉 ). However, we were lucky and it started to rotate 5mins after we settled, and made a hole spin (in ~1hr).

    Besides main restaurant, it also has couple of cafes, and of course, night disco for yonger side of us ;-).

    Down to earth we were ridden by a Turkish-Australian couple, having walked couple if kilometers in nice mountain surroundings (the whole windy road is of course too long for a walk).

    Bottom line – I still don’t know how much it costs to get there on taxi ;-). Nonetheless, it’s great attraction, and I may recommend it to anyone having some event during Antalya visit, or just wanting to have an experience you won’t find easy to duplicate somewhere else – a wonderful sea/beachline/mountain/city panaroma unwinding before your eyes.

    Paul (sorry for too many letters – the post livened up memories 😉 )

  • Billy Watson
    April 9, 2008

    Hi Paul, thanks for the great comments. I perhaps should have put in some of the details you mentioned so I’m glad that you did.

    I think it costs about 40 Lira from Konyaalti to Magic Mount Restauant.

    Feel free to add as much comments to any of my posts, I’m very happy to hear them.



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