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I went for another trip to the Lunapark before leaving town. Can the Three Skull and CrossBones forming a Pyramid on the One Eyed Boy get any more obvious? No? Just me then. 😉

Antalya Lunapark

Quite a provocative position for a Hippo, so I took advantage.

Antalya Lunapark

My son was brave enough to go on this, I wasn’t.

Antalya Lunapark

He also went on this as well but I thought it better to save the tokens for him, plus I didn’t fancy leaving my stomach 30 feet high.

Antalya Lunapark

We went on the Octopus but see that Rocket thing in the background…forget it! Yep, I must be getting old…..just don’t tell the ladies in the pub as they still think I’m a young swinger in town. 😉

Antalya Lunapark

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