Lara Beach Barbeque 2

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Ferhan had arranged another Lara BBQ so I took my son and Aynur along to eat meat and drink beer, well at least that was my plan, they could have salad and fruit juice if they wanted.

ferhan barby (3)

Hadn’t seen Uwe for a while as he had spent some time in Germany so I gave him a half-naked man hug.

ferhan barby (6)

‘No, my Tattoo’s bigger than your Tattoo.’

ferhan barby (11)

Nice to see familiar quiz people there where Pete showed some of his skills playing football with my son. I done the typical Scottish Dad thing and played with him as I held my beer bottle tightly.

ferhan barby (16)

Ertugrul and Jasmine were there, always good to see them.

ferhan barby (21)

It was getting dark and I had to get the boy home as it was a school night and so I grabbed a couple of team photos before leaving. Here’s the auld yins.

ferhan barby (22)

And here is the young team. I fit into both categories. 😉

ferhan barby (26)

Another successful Barby under the hat!

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