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The night before the quiz I tried to organise an open mic night. However it was pouring of rain and no-one came. So I got the barmaid to pose with the guitar so as it wasn’t a totally wasted evening.

quiz night 3 (2)

She sang a song on Karaoke too, to the great amusement of another staff member.

quiz night 3 (1)

The next night I done the quiz as normal. Aynur turned up with a cake for me which had a love heart. She was saying sorry for getting a lift home the night before with some colleagues, when she was supposed to be getting a lift home with me on my bike. As I said though, it was pouring of rain and Turkish people can be quite persuasive, so with the cake and a kiss she was forgiven. 🙂

quiz night 3 (10)

My son forgot my birthday and so I was having a playful go at him for a while about it. He went online and found this T-Shirt for me as a belated present.

quiz night 3 (13)

I met Larry Bosco of has a website of his travels called ‘Where’s Larry Bosco?‘ when he came to Antalya last year. He was back in town and it was good to see him again at the quiz.

It was quite funny because Larry was asking me about Visa’s and Permits and all that legal stuff you need to live on planet earth these days and I mentioned to him the legal name fraud. He didn’t believe what I was telling him about it that much, so I just left it with him. It is not my job to awaken the world one by one to the deception but I pass along some info if people are interested and leave it at that.

quiz night 3 (21)

I then got talking to the guy on the left here and he told me he was Turkish but had been living in America for 8 years and had just returned to Turkey and he wasn’t happy. I asked him why and he said because he is a Lawyer and Turkish people don’t follow the law, to which I replied ‘good’.

We then had a conversation about Law and at one point he asked me if I was a teacher at the University cause he hadn’t heard anyone outside of the legal profession talk about it in such a way. I said to him that if you use the legal name, you are committing fraud, unless you are a lawyer and have passed the bar, thus giving you permission to use it and he 100% agreed.

quiz night 3 (28)

I then talked to this lady about the same thing because she has paperwork to deal with too. The way I see it is that we are here on this earth, surely we should be free to live anywhere without paying to do so. The fact we use a legal name though, stops us from being able to do so. If people do get the concept of that when I tell them, they usually pretend like they didn’t hear it or just ignore it cause they can’t see any way to live without using their legal name.

quiz night 3 (29)

Alison and Alper popped along and they brought Nicky and her husband Kenan with them. It was the first time I had met Kenan and he is a lovely guy.

quiz night 3 (34)

Just before getting the lift I gave Aynur a kiss as I had forgotten to put my lipstick on before going out that evening. All’s well that ends well. 🙂

quiz night 3 (42)

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