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This weeks quiz began with me trying on Roars Helmet for size. I think it suited me well but perhaps doesn’t go with my moped quite as well as it goes with his Harley.

Quiz 21 11 14 (2)

Good to see Pat and Sevinç make it to a King Bar quiz and they brought along a couple of friends, one of whom was Daffy from Wales, well at least that’s the name I gave him. 😉

Quiz 21 11 14 (18)

Hanging out with lovely Ladies once more, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it.

Quiz 21 11 14 (22)

Cheers to the winning quiz team as I nicked some of their winning Cocktail prize.

Quiz 21 11 14 (26)

Aynur also loves Sex on the Beach. 😉

Quiz 21 11 14 (28)

I don’t know if Sevinç does though, as I never gave her any.

Quiz 21 11 14 (30)

The four of us had an interesting wee chat for about 20 minutes after everyone else had left, with myself and Roar getting into some Satan Worshipping chat….as you do of an evening.

Quiz 21 11 14 (42)

Then it was time for a few fun snaps on Roars Harley. I think I look better than Aynur on it but I’m sure some of you may disagree.

Quiz 21 11 14 (46)

With that, Aynur and I got the bus home and so unlike last week, at least we never got soaked on the bike this time.

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