King Bar Quiz Night – 4/10/14

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Rob Emmett who started and ran the quiz night in Antalya for well over a year, had left town to go to China and there was a note posted on the Antalya Expat Social Group page that people were missing it and wanted someone to take it over.

To be honest, I usually went at the end of the quiz for the socialising aspect because my lack of general knowledge was more of a hindrance than a help to any team I hooked up with but I thought I would give this a bash as no-one else was forthcoming.

Levent at King Bar said I could host any evening I wanted there, as I had already done with my comedy gig on my birthday, so although Rob used to host it at Shaker Pub I decided to host it at King Bar.

This was no slight on YaลŸar from Shaker Pub who is always a very good host to the expats, but there was usually a band playing shortly after the quiz at Shaker Pub and so I thought I could use King Bar to keep the expat people there a bit longer after the quiz by playing all the old classics.

There wasn’t exactly a huge turn out on the first night though, with only 6 people coming. I never took a photo of Ferhan before he left. Still it was a fun night and a good way for me to break myself in gently to the role of quizmaster. Clare and especially Susan helped keep me right.

quiz (3)

A Norwegian guy called Roar, yes that is his real name, came along that night and I could tell pretty soon that he was my kinda guy, basically he sank beers like they were going out of fashion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

quiz (2)

Aynur does a course until 9.30pm every night so she joined the quiz towards the end of the evening. It is always good to see her. ๐Ÿ™‚

quiz (1)

I got some good feedback afterwards and I really enjoyed it. So, onwards and upwards. No doubt there will be a lot of future blogs of drunk people at the quiz.

Hopefully I can get out and about on occassion to try and break that up but with Winter approaching I’m not too sure about that. ๐Ÿ™‚


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