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Here were the lucky winners of this weeks quiz. One cocktail between Five, I’m sure they couldn’t believe their luck!

quiz 28 nov 2014 (8)

These lovely Turkish Ladies didn’t partake in the quiz but seemed to enjoy the ambience all the same.

quiz 28 nov 2014 (4)

Two of the best singers in King Bar that night were Susie and Arzu….well, that wouldn’t have been hard really when you heard the rest. 😉

quiz 28 nov 2014 (18)

Speaking of which, here is Ferhan on the mic.

quiz 28 nov 2014 (25)

His dance moves are up to par though. Ken is still a Man in Constant Sorrow but then that would be the case wouldn’t it?

quiz 28 nov 2014 (37)

As the competition for best singing voice was not at it’s strongest, I jumped up on the bar to sing some Johnny Be Goode.

quiz 28 nov 2014 (41)

This was a Scottish lady with her Turkish husband and English friend. They took part in the quiz but the Scottish Lady let me down when she didn’t know the answer to the first British Team to win the European Cup.

quiz 28 nov 2014 (58)

There was a new worker in the bar that evening and I think he was quite impressed with our antics.

quiz 28 nov 2014 (59)

Here are some ‘highlights’ of the Karaoke.

I always like a good ‘team photo’ at the end of an evening. I think this is a particularly good one. 🙂

quiz 28 nov 2014 (64)

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